With Only Her Thoughts For Company

I saw this woman sitting on a bench, staring at the wall of a shop. Lost in thoughts.

My first reaction was to admire her beautiful face, and for that I wanted to make a gorgeous portrait.

As always, I tried to make eye contact to ask if I could make the photo. No reaction. I shot it anyways. No reaction.

I felt sad, looking at her, when I noticed that her absent expression perhaps denoted unhappiness, anger or simply loneliness. I sat at the bench, and stayed there a few more minutes, just looking at her, to keep her (unsolicited) company.


“When we are unhappy, we can’t help thinking that certain images are armed with claws and stingers to torture us with.”


Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


I went to London last Friday for a business meeting. I flew early in the morning, and took the tube to arrive timely at my destination. As I readied to read my business papers, I noticed a woman, who sat around 3 meters away from me. She seemed lost in her thoughts, or perhaps sad, or in disbelief.

I wished I had my camera with me to register a profound expression of human emotion. All I had at hand was my work phone, a Samsung 6. On my way back home later in the evening, I read that WP this week’s Photo Challenge is Nostalgia, and knew immediately which image I had to post.

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It has been a while since I shot some candid portraits and I do miss doing it. I hadn’t yet though, shared this one from October last year. Of course you can notice that this elegant woman is not dressed for European summer. Even if summer in Amsterdam today meant a max temperature of 21C .

And there she is.¬† She wasn’t alone but focused on a conversation with another woman. A friend, a relative. Who knows. The cigarette was not ever lit but part of the scene. I waited patiently until she stopped talking and moving her face. And then she paused. Click.



Above and Beyond Beauty

Making photos of beautiful youngsters is not what drives me to photography, although I do it occasionally, as in my last post Band of Friends. My blogger friend BadFish points out that I should stop doing it and return to shooting photos of a certain beautiful bridge that you can see as the header of this blog as well as photos of elderly people.  There you go. Here it is Baddie!

As some of you know, what really interests me is to capture beautiful, expressive senior citizens, whose faces make me curious to talk to them, learn from them, and never be afraid of getting old.