Dumplings, Yoga Teacher, Boats and a Wheel

What dumplings, a yoga teacher, boats and a wheel have in common? Actually nothing, except my intention to use these photos to post for the Tech of the Month of Perelincolors, which she hosts simultaneously at the Photo Rehab of this blog, and at her blog.

This month she took us through a play with the ISO value, reminding us that: “exposure is determined by a combination of three factors: shutter speed, aperture and ISO value, or in other words, how long the shutter is open, how wide is opened and how the sensitivity of the sensor behind the shutter is calibrated. ”

I choose these three images, each shot with different settings but without flash.

Delicious dumplings offered at a tea ceremony


Dumplings ISO1600 1/80sec f/5.6

Meet Daphne, my lovely yoga teacher.


My yoga teacher ISO1000 1/100sec f/1.8

This was a common view during a night’s boat trip during the Sail 2015 Tall Ships event, held in August in Amsterdam.


Sail 2015 Amsterdam ISO 800 1/6-sec f/3.5

Tech of the month: Black & White

From Perelincolors for Lucile’s Photo Rehab:

Hillary from JapanCanMix (not so) recently asked me how to take great B&W photos. Obviously, I did not have a good answer. But her question made me think about this. Like, really think about it. Only a few days later, we went to see Sebastiao Salgado’s Genesis exhibition. While walking through the exhibition, I looked for clues. I am still not an expert but here are my conclusions:
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