Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge

Together with my husband, last Saturday I have ‘officially’ opened my race cycling season. It was a beautiful sunny day, with light wind and magic blue skies.

We followed a light track from Amsterdam, via Ijburg, to Muiden, just to warm up for further rides in the next weeks.

Whenever possible I took some photos with an iPhone 6, as I was preparing to join Sally’s challenge on Nature. Ok, that’s not only nature that you’re going to see here, as I couldn’t resist to let you see all views during the ride.  Enjoy it.

Click on the photos to enlarge it.

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Reality is What You Think You Know

If you ever visited The Netherlands, you noticed that biking is not only used for sports but as one of the means of transportation. According to the National Cyclists Federation there are 13,5 million bikes in this country for a total population of 16,9 million inhabitants.

We use them to go to work, weddings, concerts, shopping, etc., and to transport ‘batches” of kids in one go, by using a special bike made for that. I cannot forget to mention that there is a bike that carries coffins to funerals as well. So, you got the picture.  Continue reading

Bike Ride from Amsterdam to Broek in Waterland

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This afternoon I went for a bike ride to enjoy an unusual warm and sunny Autumn day.

I chose one of my preferred racing bike paths, starting in Amsterdam and heading north via Durgerdam, alongside the Ijmeer until Uitdam. From there I rode through the farmland – stopping only to make photos of the landscape – until I reached Broek in Waterland. I came back home still in time to watch the sunset at the Java Eiland in Amsterdam. I am ready for a good weekend.