Versatile Blogger Award for New Bloggers – Part I


I have blogged at WP since September 2014. I was generously awarded by some wonderful people and that gesture always made the beginner-me feel privileged, and well taken care of by the more experienced bloggers. I have always posted about it, according to the mentioned ‘rules’. This time is different, as I have invented new rules. Here they are:

First rule: I am going to give back the generosity received. I will acknowledge beginners bloggers, whom my friend Carl from The Old Fellow Goes Running has nominated, so that we can give them a head start on the blogosphere. You will see some names here to check out. I totally trust his judgment.

Here Are 3 of Carl’s Nominees and his reasons to choose them:

“1. “Walking the Walk” (34 Followers) I was following Henrik’s blog, even before I started blogging myself. In his blog, you will find the details of his epic journey of hiking The Pacific Crest Trail from Canada, all the way to Mexico, 4,000 kilometers, 5 million footsteps. AMAZING narrative and photography. He just completed it late December 2014. 🙂

2. “Journey of My Thoughts” (47 Followers) Coming from Incredible India, Sahasra’s other 2 languages besides English are Telugu and Hindi. The title of her blog is very fitting. She has a very transparent, tender heart that comes across in her writings. 🙂

3. “e180451” (14 Followers) When it comes to technology, I am still very much in the dark ages. So it was very exciting when this blog “found” me. Must have known I needed some help…lol. But I am learning lots reading the posts here. :)”

Second rule: I am going to write a post not about me, but those who awarded me, and will introduce them to you.  I was awarded a Versatile Blogger by three fellow bloggers. The first one is Restart Urgently Needed. The other two are: April ‘s Perspective and Author S.B. Mazing.  I will dedicate a separate post to each of them.  This post is about Restart Urgently Needed. 

Restart Urgently Needed from Backtowhatever,  is an impressive blog and I want you to know the author, Becky and her blog. I started reading her blog and could not stop. I read all posts I could in one afternoon. Why? Besides being a highly intelligent 28 years-old woman, and PhD in Sciences,  she is also a gifted writer. She shares mind-blowing experiences, as a survivor of the Yugoslav Wars of 91-99.  She was only a child, witnessing atrocities and bloodbath, losing loved ones, losing all possessions, losing her childhood. The child forcefully becoming an adult at a very fast pace.

Her story deeply touched me. Every one of her words, painfully removed a protective layer which lied deeply over my heart; a layer that used to protect me from accepting the fact that human beings will destroy each other, if they can.

Becky and some of her family members, overcame incredible hardship,  and they are now living in Switzerland.  You need to read her blog to know more. I for one, am grateful for her generosity to share so much with us, and to give us an opportunity to become aware of the cruel and destructive reality of that war, as opposed to the one we saw. It is a war that happened recently, and there are wars still happening now, as I write to you.  Reading about it serves a noble purpose to awake us from a state of numbness from current world’s conflicts. Here is what she says in one of her posts:

“I do not write just like that, because I think that I would feel better. I am the least important person in all of this. I write because I want others to feel, to know, to understand how much human beings can destroy. I write because we can do better, we can open our eyes and leave all that behind. We could be so much more… But it’s up to us.”

Thank you, Becky.

Will Comet 67P Tell us Where we Come from?

From evidence provided by Paleontologists, anthropologists and other scientists, all we know so far about the beginning of human life on planet earth, is that we descend from apes. We got the idea that the oldest fossil of human ancestor skeleton dated 3 million years.

I have once done a DNA test from the genomics project and I found out that my DNA type was found of course originating in Africa, moved to Europe and Russia, crossed the Behring Strait and from there to Asia. But this is a theme for another post! Continue reading