The (In)-famous Like Button

You may or not have noticed that the LIKE button is back in my posts.

Have I changed my mind? Or has something else happened against my will?

Want to hear about it? You may have had the same problem though not for the same reason. You perhaps may want to know what happens to you whilst WordPress developers are busy developing new features instead of solutions….

It feels pretty much like this photo; mist and fog are all over my blog now…

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Why I Removed the ‘Like’ Button 

After posting last Friday, and linking it to the blog of a friend, she warned me that she couldn’t find my post after clicking in the Pingback, nor could find it in the reader.

I tried to get access to the post outside my dashboard and got the same message she did: nothing found.

What I found most interesting though, was to get a few ‘likes’, seconds after I had posted. How bizarre. Do people like empty pages?

I contacted a Happy Engineer and after a few interactions with Brian Steele, the problem was understood and resolved. The post was published again.

I took the opportunity to share with him the bizarre event of ‘likes’ to ghosts pages and after laughing a bit, I got instructions to remove the ‘like’ from my blog.


This wasn’t the first time that I noticed that there are people who never read a post and just like it.

There are only so many posts one can read in this endless road of the blogosphere. It’s nearly impossible to read all posts of all our followers and still have time to reply to all of their comments, besides posting and having a life.

Each one of us has developed a schedule and habits to inhabit the blogging world. Mine is simple. I follow those who follow me, not as a default action, but only after checking their blogs, and after noticing if they visit my blog after the follow.

Sometimes people use the technique to follow others, just to get followers and disappear into black holes. Those are the bloggers I don’t follow, if I can detect them.

Other bloggers follow me and even though I read and comment on their posts, they never comment on my posts. That happens. I conclude that I appreciate more what they do than the other way around, because I see them commenting on other blogs. Still I keep following them. No harm done.

However, I dislike the behavior of those, who like a post just a second after a post is published. Better not do anything than take this silly action. Do they think we don’t notice it?

That is why I decided to get rid of this button. Feel free to read my posts, and only if you want, leave a comment. If you don’t, that’s ok too.

Do I need ‘likes’? Not. Do I use ‘likes’? Until now, yes. But only to bloggers that never comment. From now on, I will never use it again, if not in combination with a comment. Walking my talk.

I already follow a principle to always comment on the posts of my readers. I would feel terribly ashamed to just leave a ‘like’ in the blogs of the regular commenters in my blog.

I’m curious to hear your opinion about that. What’s your experience like with the ‘like’ button? Any advice?

Ramblings of Consciousness


No idea how to start.
As I write I think of the things I would have said when I would be from a different planet. Now I just happen to be here.
I had to think twice this morning when I felt the customary adrenaline rush going up and down my body. At least now I think twice before I open my mouth. I recognize the feeling and stop short from voicing my ideas, which is the reason for my adrenaline trip.
It is all too simple.
What makes me go 300km per hour is not what would make you go faster than a turtle.
I read today at Bad Fish out of Water’s blog that scientists discovered that our DNA carries memories from our ancestors. An orthomolecular doctor once told me that I have an ancient DNA.
Well, I may have brought this adrenaline rush from my ancestors; when they were somewhere in a forest hunting animals or being hunted by them.
Ever heard of Freeze, Flight, Fight reactions? The amygdala part of the brain?
That’s what I am talking about.
By now you’re curious or fed up? What is she talking about?

I am in a 20 minutes writing trip for the writing 101 course. Stream of consciousness non stop.

The first thing that occurred to me today was to say that I have a thing with culture differences; an extra radar, extra care, extra ears and eyes. That stems from having lived in different countries and for working with people with many nationalities. I know so well how easy is to hurt others for no apparent reason.

I have a house full of guests this weekend and up to tomorrow.
Dutch, Brazilian, Irish and Indian.
A melting pot. A wealth of brains and hearts.
A simple decision taken by a Dutch one, known for being direct and straight talkers, might bring a Brazilian, and all other nationalities to an adrenaline rush, just as I described.

It is not intended to offend, nor to hurt, but ouch, it hurts most of the times those who are not used to it.
It is fascinating to observe that.
In fact I love the Dutch directness, because it is pure, honest. A Dutch person never noticed when the rest of the globe just got a punch on the stomach.
I rather know the truth than get some fake excuse, window dressed facts, hiding reality from me.
It is a win-win. No one feels obliged to say or do what one doesn’t want.
But one needs to be prepped to understand the intentions otherwise will feel insulted or offended.
I had a little talk with my husband and daughter this morning so that we are aware of what we say and do not offend our guests.

When people ask my opinion, I say: do you want the Dutch version of the marketing version?
Because if they don’t want to know the truth, better warn me first.

But these ramblings of consciousness should not look like am high on something. If you read this up to this point, you should at least not feel the need to sleep or turn off your computer, but end with something you can bring home. Or may just unfollow me as this is so different from all I have done so far. I will understand that.

The thing is that it is always fascinating to have exposure to people who grew up in different ways and parts of the world, and who like me, also carry memories of their ancestors in their DNA.
That’s what makes this planet deeply interesting and fascinating.

I am attracted to differences and all diversity with the same force that am attracted to making these kind of United Nations gatherings, as peaceful and fun as possible. Otherwise we would end up declaring war against Brazil, Ireland, and india.

Instead of a war, I rather have another wonderful evening as yesterday’s, when we cooked as a team, each one having a defined role in the kitchen, and bringing skills, knowledge and lessons from their home kitchens. Each one adding the touches and spices of their homeland, and this all resulting in a most delicious dinner, followed by conversations colored with ours many layers of differences and uniqueness. It is our different spices that gel us together. We are after all just the same, just humans.

It is not Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day, and although I don’t celebrate it here in Europe, its  presence doesn’t go unnoticed. Corporate marketing makes sure we find romance in the shops.

I never bothered to know the real meaning of this day. Today I did a quick historical research and found interesting facts.

The day of romance is named after a Christian martyr, and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

In fact. the Romans didn’t celebrate romance but enjoyed a festival with a mix of sacrificed goats, erotic games and parties.  A Pope had another idea for the day though. Here is the story.

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Turn Over a New Leaf

There is a myth that the butterfly is a symbol of transformation because of its process of metamorphosis. From egg, to larvae (caterpillar), to pupa (the chrysalis or cocoon) and finally from the cocoon comes the butterfly. This change occurs in a short span of about a month.

We can relate to the deepest symbolic lesson of the butterfly.

Just like them, we are subject to the turning tides of nature – as our life journey is made of constant transformations – by understanding that it is useless to fight against it.

In the animal kingdom, unlike the butterflies, we have choice. Let’s make them wisely.

This is what I want to remind us all, as we end a cycle, and begin a new year.

“The chief beauty about time

is that you cannot waste it in advance.

The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you,

as perfect, as unspoiled,

as if you had never wasted or misapplied

a single moment in all your life.

You can turn over a new leaf every hour

if you choose.”

― Arnold Bennett