Thank you!

There are billions of blogs’ pages out there, but you made it here.

Here I share my experiments with photography and writing with my community of bloggers and friends.

You will find here not only mine, but other people’s perspectives. You may add your thoughts; you are welcome to differ, ponder, enjoy and hopefully have a good laugh as well.

It adds diversity and depth – making this blog more interesting – and more important, making it worth your while.

Feel home, and stay longer, by joining me here.


77 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the “Thank You” and though I sometimes search out blogs on particular subjects, I am always more intrigued by those I come across accidentally…I shall follow you 🙂


      1. I’m just a reader right now, but I do want to start my own blog. I have sat at this screen many times pondering how I will begin, what will I call it, questioning if others will find what I have to offer interesting. I only recently began commenting regularly on those I follow…I believe I’ve become more bold through my new job, which requires me to submit board reports and articles to our local newspaper.

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        1. I understand that. It’s like going to the bookshop and discovering new books while you contemplate the idea of writing one.
          Writing board reports it’s a totally different game but being in these meetings can be vey interesting and give you loads of ideas for a 1,000 pages book and movie, isn’t it?
          The nice thing is that you practice by writing for the local newspaper.
          Feel welcome at my blog. I appreciate your visit and comments. And if you one day have a blog, I’ll follow you.


        1. I’m truly honored to be the first to read your blog. Thanks for the trust. I’m touched by your action. Thanks.
          It’s very beautifully written because it’s authentic, it’s you, it’s from your heart. I love the name.
          And that’s what will make people read your blog, as nobody likes fake and superficial. Personal, authentic, focused, is what attracts most people.
          You have what it takes.
          Take your time to build the blog as you wish. You have the advantage to read others, compare, contrast, and decide what works for you, what looks like you. How you want your voice to show to the world.
          Rest assured that all of us have our doubts and insecurities; and you aren’t alone on the blogosphere.
          I started writing at blogger and only recently moved to WP. Joining the blogging uni courses has been a fantastic way to learn more and above all to be part of a community of bloggers helping each other. Have you tried it yet?
          You have something to say, believe me. And I’m looking forward to reading every word of it.

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  2. I so love the picture of the market above! And your about me page is quite original. The comment you made above about being honored to be the first to read that blogger’s post is inspiring. It is refreshing to know that there are still people out there who care. Wish you all the best.


    1. I must express my gratitude for the award, although it is undeserved, as you know, because you are the master of your actions and I shouldn’t take credit for it.
      I’m officially back to blogging today and shall post about it.
      Heartfelt thanks for so much kindness.

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    1. Hi Angie, I totally missed your comment, and that is from a long time ago. Apologies!
      Thank you so much for the consideration and kindness.
      Your blog is excellent and with more food for thoughts than one could wish for!

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  3. Of those who come my way; why should I not stop and peep into theirs. Sometimes there are jewels and diamonds which you get by luck.
    Well in the market, as you have shown, sometimes you get the thing which you were longing for since long. So I got your blog. Fond Regards.


    1. Dear Shiva,
      I’m overwhelmed and grateful for your visit and considerate comment, as well as for your time to read my blog. I hope to not disappoint you. Like in any market, I offer the ‘seasons’ products’.
      I’ll surely go your way and visit you too.
      Find regards


  4. Hello Lucile – I’m dropping over directly from the BFandC Cafe!!! oh, THAT bridge! Ive seen it before on your header and always been intrigued by it, but I never would have recalled it by the name of “red bridge”. ( it doesnt even look red in the picture!)….. “curvy bridge” “really extraordinary bridge” etc might cover it… have you blogged about it somewhere here? its really intriguing….. worth the visit to where you are to see!!!

    See you back at the Cafe! 🙂


    1. Hi Debbie – I hope you don’t start hating me because of this bridge, just like Badfish!
      In fact the bridge is named Pyton Bridge! Even worse than red bridge.
      Actually it’s a bright red bridge. The header photo has been post processed with filters, changing the original color of the images.
      In any color, just as you noticed, it’s worth the visit! Till then, back to the Ownerless Cafe!


      1. Of course NOT!!!! hate is such a useless emotion!! the world has much too much of it already.
        i am happy for you you have your red bridge. all want to do is see it in all its RED glory – already it is so amazing, the structure and shape of it.
        so please make a post of the RED Red Bridge, called Pyton. ( is his first name Monty, lol)i love bridges. once i replied to a photo challenge of a bridge, and got this email in response from the owner asking ” why did i reply”
        “why do i reply to posts” “is it dangerous to reply to posts” etc – i guess he was not used to blogging, a distrustful sort, and a
        retired bridge maker!!!!!
        anyhow, now I have finally ventured further in the blogosphere from that unnamed Cafe – i mean it is really easy to linger there, isn’t it – we can hang out here too! dont you just love blogging! i wonder what i ever did before i finally got around to it!!!!

        goodnight from the far east!!! 🙂


        1. What a relief to learn that! Yes, it is useless anyway, but he says that hate is new love!
          You are so funny; maybe it was Monty Pyton after all. I need to do some research. Lol.
          What a weirdo this retired bridge maker! But maybe no one had ever contacted him and you scared the man!
          I haven’t seen Badfish in the cafe. I think he went on a strike. We don’t care, do we?
          I love the blogging community. I never thought that blogging would be so much fun as it turned to be. My first blog was just months old at blogger and as I got bored there, I moved to WP last year and here I am after one year, enjoying so much the experience. I never imagined that blogging was also connecting with great people, like you. .


          1. … the retired bridge maker actually emailed me and asked was it safe to comment on blogs when i commmented on his post that i liked the bridge!!! being that i do love bridges so much, its amazing it took me so long to get here!!! i got waylaid at that Cafe! BTW the Proprietor is back, with a vengeance! He’s offered us refills to apologize for his absence!
            Me too, i had no idea I would meet such a wonderful community of really fantastic people like you too!
            I’m not sure but I think Monty Python went to Holland, and I think that may well have been where he lost his “he” ! 🙂


            1. that was supposed to be, ( where Monty Python) lost his “h”…. annoying spell checker that autodefaults to what it thinks we are trying to say! spoiled my joke!


            2. I still think this retired bridge maker is weird! I have posted some bridges, besides the red one. We have lots of water here…so the engineers have a kick designing fancy ones.
              I saw that the Cafe owner offered us some refills and went away with Elvis! He should stay and chit chat with us.
              Didn’t he say the he loves the blogging community? We need to challenge him.
              Lol. Monty surely lost the “h” here!


                1. Ghost Dancing in Graceland? Where is this? Rest assured that the missing ‘h’ won’t ever again be seen….he talks about the red bridge and if he visits it, the fun is over! He won’t destroy his dream. Some dreams are best kept as dreams.


                  1. Graceland was Elivis’s home and where many fans still go to visit. He’s ‘ghost dancing’ because elvis is a ghost now.
                    yes i agree, some dreams are left dreams. besides, if he visits, he won’t have anything to begrudge you for!!!!!


  5. I read in your dutch cycling blog post that there’s a bike that carries/pulls coffins?
    I have to say that I do have a photo of my partner here in Canada, cycling with his panniers which had an urn of his mother’s ashes. He’s cycling up a long hill in which one section is 12% on the street. It’s a poignant photo for me.


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