There Is No Such Thing As Eternity

She’s started her chemotherapy yesterday and I wanted to share that with you.

Whoever you are, let’s stop for a second and think about the meaning of life.

Do we think often about life as a gift or just take it for granted?

Do we wake up everyday being grateful for being alive and privileged to be a member of that minority group on this planet, who is healthy, happy, loved, protected, has a roof to live, a job, choice and freedom? I guess not many of us.

Do we believe in ourselves? Do we have faith, in whatever way you interprete it?

Do we think only of ourselves, our problems, our city, our culture, our religion, our country, or are we aware of others and that our actions may affect the lives of many of them?

This may sound as a rant but it’s not. I’m only reflecting upon two different events that lead to the same consequences: the way we live our lives.

First and foremost, it’s about Christine, the brave, determined, resolute, tough woman with an unsurmountable faith and unparalleled sense of humor, whom I admire and respect. She just learnt of her diagnosis and started her breast cancer treatment.

Cancer is that disease who reminds us that we are not eternal. Those, like me, who lost a loved one to it, know that so well. Cancer has also the property of recovering the meaning of life, for those who survive and those family and friends around them, in their awakening journey for life’s worth.

Secondly, and totally unrelated to cancer, climate change also reminds us that our house, the Earth, is not eternal. Yesterday, there were climate change protests staged all over the globe, mostly by youngsters who want to live in a world that has been destroyed by us, adults. However, there is indifference and even hatred by some, directed to those protesters.

What have these two events in common?

Perhaps, stupidity, ignorance, perhaps a stubborn unawareness of life’s precious value. Perhaps an irresponsible and selfish way of living, as if there is no tomorrow, and no consequences.

There is so much we don’t take ownership for, and keep living as automats who have or must do things, just because it’s the way it is. Meanwhile, we become indifferent and senseless to other people’s suffering, which includes diseases, racism, violence, poverty, inequality, intolerance, exclusion, discrimination and much more.

We become indifferent to warnings of unbalances, which lead to disease, as much as we become indifferent to scientific research and natural disasters, as they are too far away from us.

Life passes before our eyes, and when either disease or disaster strikes, it’s always a shock or surprise; we are never prepared and hardly ever have strength to even accept fate.

There are some who are lucky to get a second chance, after battling cancer.

We, humans, and Earth, are however, not eternal.

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