You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Be Awesome

Stumbling upon the best street portraits is a matter of luck and attention to the environment to get that fleeting moment.

The subject of my interest will trigger my fantasy, and I will shoot with that in mind, waiting patiently for the best moves, if any, facial expressions, and wrinkles, yes, I find them beautiful on people’s faces.

This woman sat a few meters away from me, where my husband and I wanted to have lunch. The waiters seemed to ignore our several attempts to grab their attention. While my husband persisted, I looked around until I found the best subject for a photo, instead.

She was having lunch and an animated conversation with two younger women, perhaps her relatives, maybe granddaughters. Her colourful dress, jewellery, makeup and perfectly styled hair took my fantasy to different heights, imagining that this elegant woman had been a famous superstar now enjoying retirement.

She seemed self-assured, determined and yet peaceful, and affectionate. She never turned to my direction, and unfortunately, I couldn’t capture her beautiful eyes.

I am also sharing her photo in colour so you can decide for yourself what does that make you feel about her.

Do you feel the same when taking candid shots?

I don’t know if she is famous, but isn’t she awesome?

WP Photo Challenge: Temporary

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

35 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Be Awesome

  1. Some may like this picture in color for their own good reasons, I like black and white for mine; simplicity, directness, and no distractions from the subject. At times, some busy pictures are excellent if the different elements work together.

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  2. Although the facial expressions are identical in B&W and in color, I thought she looked sadder in the B&W. Silly, I know, but just that little jolt of color and the more obvious play of the sun seemed to brighten her up, at least for me as the viewer.


  3. I agree: colour shows her personality, she seems sadder in the B&W. She-

    er, she has the look of a woman used to being looked at- which goes with your fantasy of her being a star. I love her thick hair. The pink, the makeup and bracelet are bolsters to the personality, part of the mask or armour; the face without that shows emotion with less distraction.

    Do people ever object to being photographed?

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    1. Clare, it seems to be an unanimous perception that her personality shines in color. And I concur to that.
      Your observations are spot on.
      Yes, not often, but sometimes people object to it. I will only ask after having had a chat of some sorts with them.
      Sometimes I shoot from distance and don’t ask. My photos are only used here though, as I am an amateur who doesn’t sell photos.


  4. I have to say I like the color better for this one, but if I hadn’t seen it, the B&W would have been wonderful on its own. I’m so happy to know I can be awesome even thought I’m not famous. That’s great start to my Saturday, Lucile. 🙂



  5. Yes, she is awesome: clearly, she has put much time into preparing her look—makeup, clothes, accessories. Perhaps knowing that she looks good makes her confident? Rarely do I take the time to prepare myself to this degree before I leave the house. Who has the time? Yet it works for this lady. (I like the color. It lets me appreciate more details.)


    1. To do that daily is a lot of work and one needs to love it. I’m not in that league either and my mother always regretted that because she’d have liked me to care more about that. I will care for lipstick and mascara but the rest only if I have a special event to go to.

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  6. I agree, average people are often the best photographic subjects. This is a BIG jump, but the next step for you might have been to go up to her afterwards and ask if you could take her photo? Maybe say something about how lovely you thought she looked?


  7. Lovely photos and writing, and the woman is indeed very beautiful in a delicate and soft way. As for me, I could never take a stranger’s photo without asking them, it would seem like an invasion. And maybe it is a cultural thing, we Finns are known for being quite shy! 😉 But I do like viewing other people’s street photography 🙂 Looking at photos like this is like going out for a walk without leaving my home, or traveling to another city to do some sightseeing. Lovely ❤


    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment and insights!
      It may be a cultural thing but in general, everyone became more concerned with privacy, because of the internet.
      In the past, nobody questioned street photography, and icons like Cartier Bresson and many others, were not worried about photographing people without permission.
      I think that photography is an art and as long as one is not selling it, then it’s more acceptable.
      Anyways, I respect all different points of view. Thanks.

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  8. Hi Lucile,
    I though about you today my friend, so I though will “visit” you until we dont meet for a coffee! What a beautiful shoot – and this lady looks pretty familiar to me, but I am not sure if is her 🙂


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