You May be Tall But You Will Feel Small

And as we introduced each other during a Skype call, he told me that he was under the impression that we had already met in person, years ago, during a management conference in Switzerland.

I couldn’t remember him at all, and the more he described that encounter, the more embarrassed I felt. He had his revenge though when saying that in his recollections I was impressively small. Ouch!

DP Photo Challenge is about Scale. Experimenting with placement and scale to feel big or small in a photo.

I selected a few shots from my recent trip to Mallorca island in Spain, as its geography offered plenty of opportunities for this type of shots.

The island has two mountainous regions, the Serra de Tramuntana and Serres de Llevant.  Each is about 70 km (43 mi) in length and occupy the northwestern and eastern parts of the island.

The northern coast is rugged and has many cliffs from which I could enjoy sunsets and ocean views. In the eastern side, we could watch the many divers and swimmers exploring a variety of caves both above and below the sea. There are even caves, the above sea level Coves dels Hams and the Coves del Drach, which have underground lakes.

I’m 1.63cm or 5,35ft, and the only place I feel like a dwarf is in the Netherlands. In Mallorca, though, I felt among equals.

Here are my shots. Even the tallest will feel small.

Torrent, Mallorca Island
Swimming – Cala Antena, Mallorca Island
Swimming – Cala Antena, Mallorca Island
Sailing – Cap Formentor, Mallorca Island
Diving – Punta de Capdepera, Mallorca Island


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

38 thoughts on “You May be Tall But You Will Feel Small

  1. Ahh, a new blog theme! Looks wonderful. I was also considering this theme, but it ended up second to my current theme. Sorry, a comment not related to your post, but I always get too excited when I see a new blog design…


  2. 😄 Your post has given me location envy as I make my way through the verdant green plains of Eastern Thailand. Your images have me missing our boat and the sea. Mallorca looks like a stunning sailing ground 😍

    PS – You are proof that big things come in small packages #bighearted


  3. Wow! Stunning photos and I love the various angles…almost feel claustrophobic between the rocks on that beach! The water is amazing…so crystal clear turquoise…so welcoming and then the lovely cocktail in your last photo to sip after a swim. Glorious post, Lucile! 😀❤️


  4. I especially like your “reflections” or perhaps the “lessons learned” through your experiences. Some today experience many things but learn nothing.


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