Sunsets of Mallorca

After exploring the idea of going to Iceland and perhaps get lucky to catch the Northern lights, we headed to the south of Europe for one-week vacations. Just in time, as the Autumn rains in Amsterdam had started to vaporize every memory we could have had about summer and sunnier days. Mallorca, one of the Balearic islands off the coast of Spain has not disappointed us.  Mild temperature of 26 C degrees, great food, friendly people, sunny days and most importantly, not crowded with tourists. We got a rental car and stayed right in the middle of the island in an ecotourism hotel, which kept us close to all destinations, and saved us from the hordes of mainstream tourism.

I learned though, that 95% of the tourists are German. Wherever we went, locals addressed us in German. At the beggining we would clarify our nationality but after a while my husband simply replied in German, just because.

When you make you program, there you have a variety of choices, from every sport you can think of, exploring the coast from North to South, simply lounging at the beaches and appreciating impressive landscapes, as well as visiting picturesque villages, ruins of old monasteries and forts, or driving up north through the narrow, curvy roads and breathtaking views of the world’s heritage Serra Tramuntana (hill).

We did a bit of everything and got to know most parts of the island, definitely enjoyed biking uphill, visiting and photographing the various landscapes, and to go sunset hunting. Here are some of the (countless) shots.

Es Caragol


Mont San Salvador


Mont San Salvador




Cala Tuente


Mirador Talaia d’Albercutx


Ses Covetes


Ses Covetes

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