Where is Badfish? Can You Find Him?

Where is BadFish? Many of you know Badfish, my blogger friend who runs the Badfish & Chips Cafe.  I haven’t seen him blogging since April and I dearly miss him! If you read him, you must too, because he is an enticing and inspiring writer.  Can you find him?

So, I’m officially launching the Badfish search mission:Where is Badfish?”, inspired by the children’s puzzle book created by the English illustrator Martin Handford, “Where is Wally? or Where is Waldo?  (in the US)” .

Who wants to join me to find him?

What can you do? As you might be out in the streets, shooting for this week’s photo challenge themed “Pedestrians”, you might as well look around and try to find Badfish, wherever you are, because he loves travelling all over the world. Here is the one and the only photo he published in his last post: Gonzo Gozo: Malta’s Azure Window. 

To kick off my mission, I am also joining the photo challenge.  I chose to feature the Python bridge in Amsterdam to attract him, because together with Debbie from Spaceship China and  Desleyjane from Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist, we share a mutual love for this bridge.


Desley has been there in April 2015 (time to come back, my friend!), when she visited me and joined the King’s birthday party in Amsterdam. She has seen the bridge during a colder but sunnier day than today.

Debbie and Baddie haven’t ever seen the bridge, except for the photo on the header of this blog and for that, he wanted to come to Amsterdam to visit it.  It’s a very stormy autumn day, but as I live only a few meters away, I went to this pedestrian bridge to check every passerby, hoping to find Baddie.

Maybe he is one of those guys out there, just crossing the bridge. Let me run…

Bad luck, there was no Badfish! It wasn’t him yet. So, while we wait, I’ll share a bit of the history of this bridge, especially for Debbie.

At Wikipedia I only found this:

Python Bridge, officially known as High Bridge (Hoge Brug), is a bridge that spans the canal between Sporenburg and Borneo Island in Eastern Docklands, Amsterdam. It was built in 2001 and won the International Footbridge Award in 2002. The bright red bridge spans 90 meters and was designed by Adriaan Geuze of the architectural firm West 8. The bridge has stairs, requiring bicycles to be pushed on a stairway ramp.

Are you joining me to find Badfish? Can you spread this request throughout the blogosphere? Let’s find Badfish!

If you hear from him, please let me know.

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61 thoughts on “Where is Badfish? Can You Find Him?

  1. and thanks for all the blog mentions, Lucille. One day I will really get to that bridge! Love the photos! I think Baddie is hiding somewhere under the bridge – can you get the water police to dredge the canal ( or river) ? 🙂


    1. You’re most welcome Debbie. I’d be very happy to host you in my house.
      Come whenever you want.
      Great idea! I’ll talk to the water police as he may be hiding there. I remember that he once rent a house boat in Amsterdam, so he knows the way!


  2. It has been forever since BF has been seen! I’ll bet he went off and got married, is leading the charmed life and forgot all about his blogger buddies! BadFish –we will find you! We miss you!

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  3. I haven’t seen or heard from him for ages, Lucile, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled now that I have a photo. I had no idea he had a café. I wish I could come and join your search party in person, but I’ll see what I can do over here in case he’s visiting the US. Love the bridge and your beautiful shots of it.



        1. Haha he was traveling all over Europe, moved flats in the UAE and will resume blogging very soon. For a while he couldn’t blog because personal blogs were not allowed there anymore but it’s ok now.
          He will be touched to hear about your wish to sell your vintage thongs to join the search party! 😂

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  4. Love your photos of this bridge, Lucile! Especially the last angle, which is new to me. Could he be lost in the fog? I really don’t like the notion of him being in the canal. I’ve really missed the guy. Thanks for launching the search 🙂 🙂


  5. Love this bridge – reminds me of an Italian one in stone…in a forgotten valley we visited…see if I can find it. And Badfish too – I miss him as well!


  6. I know where he is. He is currently in Ireland for what I believe is a brief trip, and he is alive and well in Abu Dhabi otherwise. I was worried about him, too, and checked in on him. I think he was/is having a mid-bloglife crisis! Haha. He popped up in the comment section of one of my latest posts – pretty sure it was Road Trip: Central Europe. At least one other blogger caught his appearance there! We all miss Badfish!

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    1. Lexi, you’re the best. I’ve missed him but started to get a little worried that something could have happened to him, because I actually emailed him and didn’t get any reply.
      Although not nice for him, I’m happy to hear that he’s alive and having a mid-blog life crisis.
      Hope he’s over it by now.
      Thank you very much for the good news!

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        1. Hi Debbie, where did he reply to you? I haven’t seen it on your pedestrian post.
          In his reply to Lexie, he says that personal blogs are not allowed anymore in AD and he can only read and write when abroad. That explains.
          I’m happy he’s fine.

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          1. hey Lutje, honestly, I could have sworn he replied and I replied to his comment, but I cant find it anywhere either. Must have dreamt it. Too weird. Yes that does explain it. okay gotta rush, feel free to please delete this chain of responses – I wouldnt have commented if I wasnt certain. Wow. must have dreamt it. in the reply he said he was fine, just working. but that reply never really happened did it? unless I dipped into a parallel universe!
            I promise to PM you very soon. Life is so complicated lately! xxx


            1. Hey Debbie, you were very sure and I think it happened in another post of yours. No worries. Apologies for having made you doubt.
              I hope all is well with you. Looking forward to talking to you.
              Take care..xxx


  7. AMBIVALENCE personified: on the one hand, I feel so horribly guilty for closing the blogging door and not answering when someone knocked. On the other hand, I feel so wonderfully blessed to have made such wonderful and caring friends (that I’ve never met in person!) who care so much to send a search party out into the vastness of the blogosphere to hunt and rescue me from the ravages of blog ennui.

    I miss you all. Since April, I’ve been to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Lithuania, and Ireland. I’ve moved flats (a true hassle and my new flat is still a clutter of boxes). And now I’m way behind at work. For a while, my blog (along with all others in UAE) was blocked. But now I’ve been authorized. And I feel a blog post about to bubble up as soon as I can climb out from under all this rubble of life.

    Lucile, I love your new theme. And, as always, all your photos (except for that one of the geezer in the red shirt with that hideous Joker smile!!! Love you!

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    1. This is the best message I could have received today, Baddie! You’re back, alive and kicking. I’m so happy. You made my year. I was concerned that something had happened to you and that’s more than enough reason to search for you, besides missing you dearly.

      I wasn’t at all doubting that more people would feel the same about you and would join the search party.

      When Lexi and Debbie brought news on your whereabouts, it was a great relief to many of us.

      You’ve had a great time traveling and it all sounds very interesting. Coming back to a a clutter of boxes wil at least give you material for a blog post.

      I had no idea that your blog was blocked in the UAE, but it’s great that this is over and you can blog again. The blog universe misses you too much to be without you.

      I changed my theme yesterday, after trying many options, and as I took an impulsive decision, and had no time to fix the glitches, I still have to change a few things there. It’s called rebalance. Maybe that’s what I need to! 😉
      I’m happy that you like the theme and the photos (I actually like the photo of the geezer 😀) and above all, I’m super happy that YOU ARE BACK!
      Love you too!

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      1. Lucile, its so great to see you and some of my other absent blogging friends ( like Julz who has made an appearance here) back blogging. Im still just dabbling my feet back in the Great Blogging Ocean. Great to see Baddie back ( waving). Baddie, please reserve the best seat in the house when you have the Ghost of Elvis performing at your Cafe for Lucile and me. Looking forward to reading about Finland, Estonia, Lithuania etc etc etc in the inimitable Badfish style! Big Blogging hugs around to all!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Debbie, take your time, do what you need, wherever you are, and we’ll be here waiting for you.
          Please, just don’t forget to show up when the Ghost of Elvis is performing, as Baddie will surely keep the best seats for us.
          I cannot wait to meet you and Baddie there and to hear all his stories.
          Huge hugs back at you.

          Liked by 2 people

      2. Lucille
        I guess I just needed a bit of a sabbatical. Don’t know, I just stopped…for no good reason. Then, summer happened, and I didn’t write. Traveled, didn’t write. I don’t get it but now I’m back.

        I like the style of your theme…it’s similar to mine, but I like that yours has two photos instead of three smaller ones, and room for words, mine only has dates.


        1. Hi Badfish
          It doesn’t matter. The best is to have you back. Planning an opening party?
          Debbie expects at minimum Elvis, the ghost.

          Take a look at the Rosalie theme. That’s the one I used. It gives you many possibilities. Test using the preview and see how you feel about it.


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      1. and ps, the only thing that keyed me into the new name was the ‘badfish’ reference in the mail – otherwise i might have deleted it. i really only read one or two blogs these days – focus focus focus! love the new name anyhow…. hugs.


        1. The best would be if no one would pay attention to the name, as identity changes tend to be a bit complicated, if people identify us with the name. The previous “bridging lacunas”(a play with the bridge and my ramblings) was used a a tagline, as the URL of my site is actually my name.
          So, as I decided to change my blog looks, I thought that it was about time to go all the way and change the tagline as well as the header photo. But I couldn’t yet remove the bridge from there. I think that more than my name, the red bridge has stood up as the blog’s strong identity.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. oh, you simply cannot lose the Bridge!!!! where would we hang?
            and I sure will be back to hear the Ghost of Elvis. I hear that Baddie is currently negotiating with some other dead rock stars to show up in his Cafe too. ( David? are you there? Amy?) 🙂 xxx


            1. I won’t lose the bridge as I can’t be without any of you around my house.
              Baddie might be having serious negotiations with more than those poop stars as he might organise an epic comeback to blogging! Can’t wait.


  8. Love you and your new theme Lucile. And who doesn’t love Mr. Badfish?!? Happy to hear he is well and creating more travel adventures even if offline. I can certainly attest that it is hugely difficult to blog from the road and sometimes, one just needs a blogging break. But the best thing is that there is an incredible community of bloggers just (patiently) waiting for your return.


  9. I just love this…all of it…seriously…

    This whole Badfish exchange and what you did about him being MIA has changed a deeply held prejudice of mine about our way of communicating electronically these days. Before Badfish went missing, I actively resented all kinds of social media and humans settling for technology instead of “real”, in-person contact. But this has shifted my perspective completely and now I can see what a gift it is to be able to connect with others all over the world so easily…well, except when they go missing. Anyway, thanks so much.


    1. I’m humbled by your comment about the post on Badfish and its effect on you. If that served the purpose to improve your perceptions about connections via social media, I”m happy to hear that. I might leave a word of caution though, that here at WordPress we are less exposed to the trolls and insensitive people that populate the Internet. Most bloggers I encountered on the WP community are kindred spirits, people who are blogging with the intention to share their words, photography, and their art, but also to learn from others and connect with them. So real friendships happen here too. Thanks much for sharing your insights.

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