Top Five Posts For Everyday Inspiration

This is Day Nineteen of “Everyday Inspiration Course”, and I am sharing a roundup of great reads from my fellow bloggers in the course. Please visit their blogs and enjoy their work.


Amy Sampson, Snapshots, Snippets and Scribbles

Wishful Thinking – Fall Wardrobe Edition (Part 2)

“We’ve all been told The Secret—ask, believe, and receive.  Many people think it’s hogwash. Not me. I’m a believer.”

Cynthia D. Bertelsen, Weaving a web of Words

I Need a Coffee Date. Now.

“When we add sugar to the thick dark Java, a tablespoon for you, a teaspoon for me, I’d close my eyes, to shut out the noise of the barista’s chatter. And I’d tell you.

Even if my voice quavered like a leaf in the wind, I’d whisper to you about my week, when Fear knocked on my door, when that dame rose from the oceans and shook the very ground.”

DesleyJane, Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist

Career Transition

“It always seemed like such a scary idea to completely transition careers. Going from something that you have years of experience doing, you’re an expert in that field, you know all the people and of course, “all the things”, to go from that to being the new guy/gal in a new field, no “last big project” to hang your hat on, just sheer enthusiasm and hope!”

Julie Powel, Artist, blogger, photographer and graphic designer

One Word Inspiration

“I guess after hope, Choice is a very important word in my life. After fighting off the Grim Reaper several years ago, I made a conscious CHOICE to stop wasting my life. That first year was a whirlwind and I have never looked back, I made choice after choice, I chose to accept WHATEVER life through at me.”

Mara Eastern – I hope to be hysterically hilarious. But maybe I’m just hysterical

Hope Is a Duck

“Today’s inspiration is a one-word prompt, which I honestly find highly uninspiring. The words offered couldn’t have been cheesier: hope, love and world peace. Kidding. It’s in fact: hope, regret, home, choice, secret, abundance. How I regret my choice of signing up for this nonsense, now I’m sitting at home, nourishing a secret hope that I shall create something sensible out of the nonsense, and being depressed in abundance. Well, that would be it. Kidding. I’ll write about hope.”


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

25 thoughts on “Top Five Posts For Everyday Inspiration

  1. I am beyond flattered that you chose to feature me as well. I didn’t go for this task because I’d never be able to pick just a few posts I loved – I’d certainly forget someone and then I’d feel bad. I love the feature photo of this post – I’m a cacti girl! Also, have you noticed there were five points (stalks?) at the cactus and you mentioned five posts? Lovely symmetry!


    1. I cannot agree more, Jo. She’s outstanding.
      The challenge is over. There is still the last post, a wrap up that I didn’t do yet as I’m traveling.
      Actually, it’s going to answer your question about focus.


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