Why Silence Speaks Louder Than Words And We Should Listen To It

A few days ago, those following Everyday Inspiration course, got the instruction to collect post suggestions from readers and write today’s post based on one of those ideas.

I have added the request, as a footnote of a few posts. I hope to not have missed anyone else, but I got only one request, from a witty and hilarious blogger. She has the ability to always make me smile with her thoughtful and smart comments, as well as to doubt conventional thinking, search a little harder for wider perspectives, and laugh so loud, that I may have already upset my neighbors countless times.

Meet Mara Eastern blog, who in her words is: I’m a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler, and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour. I simply adore her blog. And I invite you to go there.

Anyways, here is what she suggested I could write today: “As to writing suggestions, maybe try writing about something that you never felt tempted to write about before?

Mara, I am a generalist and a self-confessed opinionated person. This is not a specialized, niche blog, and for that, some say that this blog may lack focus and a subject-matter expert that people can go to get insights. There are though, many things that I have never written before, and I may, or may not have felt tempted to write about it. I could do that now. It is scary and tempting for I have avoided themes that I am not even qualified to ramble about, such as horror, sex, religion, depression, adoption, abortion, etc.

On the other hand, as my blog is democratic, every voice is heard and every vote counts. I went to check once more if no one else had made requests. Here you have the official results of the poll:

  • 1% wants me to write about something I have never dared before.
  • 99% abstained from voting.

In case I would remotely consider to protest and refuse to accept the results, and to avoid a lawsuit, I checked the dictionary and its very clear message on the meaning of abstention:

  1. an instance of declining to vote for or against a proposal or motion.
  2. restraint in one’s consumption; abstinence

Someone once said that “Silence speaks louder than words.”

I oblige.

Mara, this is a democracy, and the readers are always (sometimes) right. I’m sorry to disappoint you but let’s be rational, and I know we both are. For over one year, I haven’t been blogging much, nor visiting other bloggers. I was working full-time on a wonderful project but for a #$@&%*! CEO   That would be a subject for a trilogy, though, not a blog post, but I signed an NDA  – non-disclosure agreement –  that could ruin my career).

Meanwhile, some bloggers may have thought that I had died or given up, as it often happens after three years of posting, and unsuccessfully following the 10,101 tips on how to increase your following, be discovered by WP editors, go viral and become famous.

All of a sudden, not discovered and unfamous, I reappeared from nowhere, posted every day, and used a new tag: #everydayinspiration. My readers may have simply had an overdose of my (lack of) inspiration and are now in rehab.

So, what I have to do, and have not done before, dear Mara, is to abstain from writing.

Dear followers, you’d better head to Mara’s blog right now. I’m off for a walk with the Dutch cows, to listen to silence.


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

44 thoughts on “Why Silence Speaks Louder Than Words And We Should Listen To It

  1. I seem to have grown into the habit of commenting on each your new post that it’s my favourite, it’s probably getting boring. But it’s all your fault, your posts always speak to me!

    This is such a unique take on the topic (topics) that I don’t even know where to start. You tackled many things that I’ve been thinking about recently (great minds think alike? 😉 ), including the role of the blogger, the relationships with fellow bloggers, things to write about and not to write about, things you feel qualified or not qualified to write about…

    Thank you for all the superlatives about my blog (I wish you were right but you’re a too generous critic). And happy blogging, if you feel like it!

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    1. You may pick and choose your favorites anytime you want, and change preferences as well. I take full responsibility! 😀

      Now you’re too kind as I was too lazy and unmotivated to write and just rambled on. You’re right tough that great mind think alike. Aha!
      These are interesting topics and I’d love to hear your views on it. New prompts for your everyday inspiration post graduation phase?

      You’re most welcome on the superlatives, which aren’t too generous at all. Just accept it, for a change!


      1. Sometimes the posts that come effortlessly and don’t require too much thinking turn out the best.

        I was wondering if there was perhaps a time for an everyday inspiration rehab but then I concluded I’d never pull it off. Maybe someone else will? Or we can just use the daily prompts and weekly photo prompts.

        I mentioned it before but I’m really enjoying your upsurge of new posts. As you point out in your comments on this post, it is hard to keep up with everything – with fellow bloggers, with the comments you get, with writing posts – sometimes it’s overwhelming. So let’s try to just enjoy it.


        1. It always surprises me when readers like the posts that I have been most critical and unsure to publish.

          You can launch the everyday inspiration rehab! Too much work, right? I agree. Let’s also agree to keep posting from daily prompts or from some other writing blogs.

          You make me blush and of course very happy that you enjoy this new phase of my writing. Having more time and a bit more experience with blogging is helping me to enjoy more and find ideas I want to share.
          Thanks again Mara, for making my day much happier.


          1. Readers’ preferences mystify me consistently. It very often happens that the posts I like myself draw little attention but those that I think are particularly bad turn out to be popular. *shrug* I’ve come to believe it’s best to blog about whatever you feel like to blog about at the moment, without trying to meet anyone’s expectations. I, for one, am glad that you’re finding new ideas to share on the blog and that you’re rediscovering the enjoyment of blogging!


            1. It’s not different than in real life; we can never satisfy everyone, and at the same time, is even impossible.
              Unfortunately we give too much importance to that during most of our lives, and that makes lose touch with what is satisfying, according to our perspectives. I still dread the critique but I don’t set myself to fulfill other’s expectations anymore. If it coincidently happens that I do, I celebrate. But it’s like winning the jackpot.

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  2. I am indeed one of the 99% of abstainers, which as those know me well may find hard to believe. However, it’s always good to read your thoughts, whatever the subject. My own writhing and god forbid, photography, has been neglected this last year as I have been travelling back and forth in Africa. Good (or bad, depends on perspective) is that I have had some wonderful experiences which I hope to get around to sharing some day. I’m even working on a book of my digital TV adventures which have spanned the last 18 years.

    As an aside, even your post, allegedly about nothing, told a fine story.

    Off to Africa again now!


    1. Andy, I’m always happy to see you around, if and when you can, and know that you’re very busy with your new endeavors in Africa.
      Wonderful to hear of your new book plans! Looking forward.

      Thanks for your considerate remark but this was just a lazy post.
      Have a safe trip.

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  3. I thought I made a suggestion, regarding your focus, Lucile? I really can’t manage to keep up when you post daily. I visit the Reader spasmodically so if I see you I’ll pop in. We each have our own agenda. I’m off to say hello to Mara now. Have a good evening! 🙂 🙂


    1. I’m deeply sorry, Jo. I missed your comment. Apologies. I went checking post by post and found your suggestion.
      I’ll post about it!
      Please don’t feel obliged to react to my posts. I’m only posting daily because of the course. I’m already exhausted as I like to reply to everyone from the course and read the blogs of those as well, plus the other readers, but I sincerely don’t expect that my readers keep up with this frenetic rhythm.
      Have a good night!


      1. Hiya darlin! No worries. I went to meet Mara then took the night off from the blog. It’s nice to do that occasionally. I’ve said it before. I have no idea how you work and blog. Sending hugs xx


        1. Relieved! You didn’t unfollow me! 😂😂😂
          Good to take a night, a day, a month, off blogging. I took almost one year, Jo. I used to be a corporate executive but now have my own advisory practice, so that gives me more flexibility, unless I’m full time with one client, which was the case from May 16 to May 17. Back then, it wasn’t possible to blog as I do now. I’m now back to more flexibility as I don’t focus on one client only.
          Hugs back at you! X


  4. I must have missed that post, Lucille, as I tend to read on days I post, which are down to 2 days per week. It just shows how much blogging and writing ebbs and flows. I’m excited you’re back to blogging and look forward to your words and photography.


    1. Don’t worry Terri, it was just a question on a footnote. I am struggling to post and read and comment everyday; and know very well that combining work and blogging is hard work and most of the times impossible to do both.
      I think I was too fast to get back everyday!
      But reconnecting with you all gave me such a boost of encouragement and the conversation made me so happy that I carried on. Thanks my friend, for being there.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois, you’re the best and seem to know the Dutch cows! 😂 and you always manage to figure out a real story behind my photos. I was biking with my husband through a farm when I saw the beauties and their reflection on water. Those black & white cows are from the same region of my husband in Holland, called Friesland. So I asked him to pose in front of them, snapped a photo and sent to the family chat, with the caption: Frisian family gathering.
      The Frisians (cows) were mooing like mad and my husband carried on biking, whilst I stayed for this last shot.

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  5. HI dear Lutje, we have all missed each other, I think, this wonderful blogging community we had built up. I too have rarely posted. I came out of my hiatus once to make a post, keep considering I should get back into the swing of it… and in the meantime, I’ve been very glad to see your posts, and try and read everyone one. Whoops .. i missed the vote thingie. We’ve got another very big postal vote happening over here in aus, so let me assure you, ive been to Mara’s blog, and ive voted, and im voting, YES< YES< YES< YES!!!!!

    it's also nice to see some other blogger contacts here ( hi Julz, waving madly, Ive read about your new cottage and have a bad case of reply paralyis, hello Andy T, i look forward to seeing more of your remarkable pictures. Of Africa. ( the question on everyone's lips, of course, is "where's Baddie???"

    If I may belatedly express my humble opinions: what would I like to see you post on? I can think of numerous, beginning, of course, with

    1. More Red Bridge photos and backstory. Please.

    2. Why you are called to take photographs of people , esp elderly people, and how to you feel about taking photographs of people you dont even know?

    3. What's life really like in Amsterdam?

    4. How do the famous canals effect everyday life in your town?

    5. What's most important to you, family or friends? ( hint: i hate either or questions and drive my daughter crazy as in answering her either/ors, I always refuse to take a side. Life is not that simple!)

    6. What draws you back to blogging?

    7. Just cause I like the number 7. What does the number 7 mean to you, if anything? or what is your favourite number and why? Or why you couldnt care less about numbers if thats the case …

    So that's it, FOR NOW! im sure i have many more questions should you have inspiration fatigue, like
    Flowers in Amsterdam ( what sort, what grows wild, accompanied with colour photos please), what's it like being in the European Union and what do people think about the whole brexit stuff?, what birds sing over there ( photos please)

    etc etc etc. So there you see. I don't seem to be able to write my own blog posts, but i can give you plenty of ideas. What would you like to see on my blog? Maybe i should do a poll. Lol.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear Debtje, it’s heartwarming to read your message. I’ve read it 10 times by now.
      Our community is indeed the best we have achieved. Even when some of us vanish for a while, are met with a warm welcome.
      I may have not been very smart to return and jump into a course with daily prompts, because it’s tiring although it gave me discipline to stick around.
      You didn’t miss a real vote, as it was just a question on a footnote. Of course I exaggerated a bit here, just for the fun.

      How about our Baddie? I saw that he posted in April for the last time. I have his email and sent a message to him. Fingers crossed. Hope he replies.

      I simply loved your humble opinions. You gave me plenty of food for thoughts and many prompts for the road ahead.
      Thank you so much!
      I now know where to go when I’m running out of ideas.

      But I’m sure you don’t need a poll with all your creativity. And I love your blog and don’t miss anything there.

      Thank you so much for being here and for our connection.

      Hugs. Xxx


  6. I had missed seeing your photos on Instagram, so I came to see what you were up to. Mara’s request is one that I’d have difficulty honoring, so I can’t fault you. Today I was actually writing (in the place where I write things that I don’t want anyone to see) about why I stay away from some topics in my posts. Anyway, sorry about your project. As always, I find your blog worth my time.


    1. Hello Sandi, how nice to see you around, and what a heartwarming surprise and touching words you gifted me with. Thank you!
      Interesting to learn that you still write, even if in your private space. I have always enjoyed your writing and will be delighted to read your ideas and thoughts again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I need to learn to pace myself with blogging (no posts since last October, and then five last week!). Yes, I look forward to reading your words again as well as seeing your beautiful and thoughtfully composed pictures. Thanks for taking the time to reply!


        1. I was on vacations till Sunday and haven’t yet seen your posts. I’ll do that!
          That’s wonderful to have you back here.
          I was absent as well for most of 2016 and came back to blog more regularly very recently. I also posted a lot but stopped as writing a blog post is one thing, but replying and reading other posts from bloggers, requires more time and I like to do that too.
          Thanks again for all support and kind words.

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