Animals Are Indeed Your Best Friends

Wait, don’t go away. You’re not on the wrong blog nor have I started a food blog. This fish actually has been my only friend today and you will soon know why, If you stay a little longer, instead of just pushing the ‘like’ button.

The story goes like that: I am following ‘Everyday Inspiration’ course. Today’s prompt asked us to quietly observe the world around us and write about what we see.

After having cheated a bit on yesterday’s prompt, procrastinating ‘inspirational’ writing for today, I at first felt like this was a good idea and that I could make something nice out of it.  I had to follow simple instructions to find a spot where I could sit and observe for at least 20 minutes, and ideally, watch action and interaction unfold.

As I am home today, I first went to the water side of the canal where I live in Amsterdam. After realizing that summer vacations are over, and all kids went back to school this week, and perhaps ducks, swans, and birds may have decided to get schooled, as neither humans nor animals were nowhere to be seen.

I had to go to an appointment around noon. I went a bit earlier because there is a park close by the office I needed to go. I sat on a bench and waited. There were only three beings there, two dogs and yours truly. I gave up and ran to not be late for my meeting. 

Back home four hours later, I heard the familiar voice of kids on the street side of my house. I grabbed my camera, opened the window, and bang, they were all gone.

Well, I am forced to conclude that this is looking like some sort of vengeance from the God of writing, just because I wrote a way too short post yesterday.

When defeated by Gods, go shopping. That’s what I did. I went to the fish shop to grab some ‘omega’ for dinner. I knew there would be many people there, and finally, I could set foot on my observation post.

I first ordered two raw herrings to eat there with onions and pickles.  I know you may not like it but here in this country, we love it.

My observation task started eventually. What I missed to see is that whilst I was enjoying my fish, most people had vanished, and all that was left was three employees, plus of course, salmon, cod, shrimps and all seafood you may have wished. But they didn’t fit the instructions, as no action or interaction unfolded among them.  The employees didn’t help me much either, as they focused on cleaning, chatting or staring at me, most likely wondering why haven’t I left yet.

I had no story. That’s when I saw one of the employees bringing lots of fresh dorados. I ordered two big ones for dinner. But before she took them away for cleaning, we looked intensely at each other, and I shot it, but with my iPhone camera.

The lesson of the day: If all you got to observe for your inspirational post is a fish, bake it in the oven.

In preparation for Day Fifteen assignment, I would like to ask your ideas for this post. What would like me to write about? I would be grateful for suggestions on the comments section, or, please send me a message via the e-mail that you can find at my contact page. Thank you!

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35 thoughts on “Animals Are Indeed Your Best Friends

  1. A good picture worth waiting for. One never knows what could be good material. One has to have a good eye. As your fish dinner picture.


  2. “Here’s looking at you.” Sorry, I can’t stay away, I had to quote that classic movie line. And I really do like that photograph.


  3. I can’t stop giggling at your last sentence. This is a much better version of the cliche “If life gives you lemons etc.”. Raw herring though? Hmm. Never heard of herring being eaten raw. Is this some kind of Dutch sushi? 😉


      1. If you or another human being hadn’t eaten that fish, another sea creature would have, and that after your supper would have eaten more than his own share of seafood.
        Warning: Days of eating Pacific seafood may be over before long.


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