Why It Does Not Matter Where I Write

Day Six of Everyday Inspiration course prompt is to describe the space I write.

Where do I write? Right now I’m in the reception area of an office where I will have a meeting.

I always arrive earlier for my appointments because I add extra time for traffic jams, looking for a parking place, etc. In case I am earlier as it so often happens, I will either have something to read or write on my iphone’s notes. If instead, I am using public transport, the same routine will apply.

Last week I had a meeting until 18:45 and still wanted to go to my yoga practice. I used public transport to be in time. What I had not anticipated, was a number of people who had the same idea to take that tram. It was so busy that the conductor had to stop twice to ask people to move forward as there was no space left for people in the rear to enter anymore.  Except for those interruptions, I kept writing my blog post during the journey till my destination.

I may also write when out for a walk in the park. If I see a scene that tells me something, I will not wait till I get home but just sit and register my thoughts and ideas which I may continue developing later. The same can happen on the plane, on the train, during a bike ride. I will stop and capture my observations. I may not come back to it right after that but eventually, I will do it at a later time.

If I am home, I will use my laptop and the big screen. I will grab a pot of tea, turn on my favorite playlist on Spotify. Or not, and just enjoy the silence.

I may write non-stop, if I am ‘in-the-zone’, or pause a few times to fiddle with my photos’ library, as while writing I may have thought of a photo that fits that post well. I may also do that because I lost my train of thoughts and editing photos will get me back there.

The most important to me is not where I write, but rather to observe well the world around me and connect it with my own. There is always a scene and a story waiting to be written (like one of those gentlemen in the featured photo), a thought longing to be understood, an emotion crying to be felt, countless experiences wanting to be known and many personal reflections asking to be shared.

And more importantly, there is you, the reader, who knows that what matters is that what I write, connects with you.

That is the place I want to be.

In preparation for Day Fifteen assignment, I would like to ask your ideas for this post. What would like me to write about? I would be grateful for suggestions on the comments section, or, please send me a message via the e-mail that you can find at my contact page. Thank you!

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

20 thoughts on “Why It Does Not Matter Where I Write

  1. I admire your focus in being able to write anywhere. I can only write or do anything demanding alone in quiet room. I probably need even more yoga to practise focus 😉

    As to writing suggestions, maybe try writing about something that you never felt tempted to write about before?


    1. As I said before to a friend, excess is sometimes not a good thing, and focus is no exception. Thanks, though!
      I remember you didn’t even contemplate ever to practice yoga, and see where you got! You seem to enjoy it now.
      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a daring one!


      1. I have yourself to thank for drawing me to yoga. I’d never ever believe it’d transform my life so much. (Sounds cheesy, so don’t quote me on that.) Feel free to disregard my silly suggestion, I was just free-thinking (as in free-writing).


  2. I’m with Mara. I struggle to write (legacy of it being my living for so long), and work best in either a cafe or my office. I do make notes other places, but I find I can’t concentrate my thoughts well. 🙂


    1. It’s really a very personal preference, Su. And there is no right or wrong here.
      It also depends on how one might feel at the moment that the urge/interest to write surfaces.
      It does make a difference to be in a quiet place, with a cup of tea (or coffee for the lovers) and background music.
      If I post I invariably prefer to do it st home because I don’t post without photos.

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  3. I am such a slug. I see the Daily Prompt, think of a photo, caption it, post and Done! You who write have my undying admiration.
    Tell me about this photo. I think the two gentlemen on the ends are flirting, Lucile.


    1. You’re not, Lois. You’re a delight.
      One doesn’t need many words to inspire others and leave a lasting impression.
      You do deserve all your followers respect and admiration.
      Now about the photo. It was taken in Granada, Spain. Those gentlemen sat on a bench in a sidewalk and chatted effusively when I spotted them. They saw me looking at them and starting a conversation. I asked to make a pic, they accepted and indeed ‘flirted’ a bit with me, in a respectful way, haha, saying that I’m a very nice young lady, and that I could ask my hubby to go away and stay there a bit longer talking to them. 😂

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  4. It’s a great shot, full of character! (plural 🙂 ) Your energy, determination and focus always astounds me. How about writing about where that focus comes from, Lucile? I mostly prefer quiet for writing but it’s obviously not often present in your life. I do applaud the writing down what’s in your head, because thoughts can escape. Well, mine do all the time 🙂 🙂 Wishing you joy!


    1. I could imagine the two of us chatting with those gentlemen with lots of character! 😉 it would be fun.
      I’m humbled by your comment, Jo.
      This energy, focus and determination, can also be my worst enemy at times. That’s why I pursue quiet moments and activities that cultivate relaxation and inner peace.
      Thanks for the suggestion, Jo.

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  5. I can connect with many of your thoughts on writing, but what kept me scrolling back up was that photo! Those dapper gentlemen have such different airs, and I am enjoying studying their expressions and styles!


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