Dear Abby Has No Issues

Day Seven of Everyday Inspiration course gave five Twitters, and choose one that elicited a response from me. As I could shape the post in any way I want, I am going to write a letter, and for that, I can also cover the prompt of Day Eight of the course.

Hi, Abby,

It’s been a long time since you wrote the attached tweet and you may not even remember it.

Although I had others to choose from, it was yours which drew my attention, for its witty and funny allusion to the deletion of Twitters with ‘deletion’ of tattoos.

I had this photo, which paired well with the meaning of your words because you said what I feel each time I candidly shoot a tattooed person.

What comes to my mind are words like irreversible and regret, and not what drives people to do it; because we don’t exactly share the same interests.

The other side of your Twitter though, made me wonder about the risk of being judgemental. The fact that I don’t like tattoos and will never do it, doesn’t entitle me to say that to make it is a bad thing for others. If they are happy to print the name of their dog, loved ones, or the Amazon forest on top of their bodies, so be it. At least this irreversible fate won’t harm anyone.

Writing some harmful words though, leave a more lasting effect on others. And I would rather have had a tattoo on my arm than have written a stupid comment on my family groups’ chat that has upset my sister-in-law, and rendered me an inglorious fame.

Have you felt the same about your deleted Tweets?

Abby, for what is worth, let’s not be too harsh on ourselves. It is ‘ok’ to have done a tattoo, to have upset my sis-in-law, and to send those Tweets, because it is over now. But it is not a cliché to ask ourselves to at least learn some simple lessons.

First, that it really pays off to count till ten (or thousand), instead of reacting impulsively when replying to perceived insults and offenses on social media or in person. It costs us less effort than apologies, and still run the risk of not being understood and forgiven by those who at first ‘offended’ you.

But don’t blame yourself, Abby, you have no issues. If you freaked out and lost the count, and either pushed the ‘send’ button or went to the tattoo shop. As you figured out yourself, in the aftermath of your actions, whatever happened, won’t go away.

We may call it failures or mistakes, but all of those are the tolls we pay for our passage along life’s road. We can even laugh about it.



In preparation for Day Fifteen assignment, I would like to ask your ideas for this post. What would like me to write about? I would be grateful for suggestions on the comments section, or, please send me a message via the e-mail that you can find at my contact page. Thank you!

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