Message from an Elderly Man

During the holidays period, I got an agenda and a book from my father. I failed to notice that there was an envelope in between those, carrying a very special message. Yesterday, I found it.

It humbled me.

I would like to share it with you, my blogging friends.

Lord, teach me to age.
Convince me that the community and my family won’t harm me,
If they exonerate me from my responsibilities,
If they don’t solicit anymore my opinion,
If they choose others to occupy my place,
I will divest myself of the vanity of accumulated experience and of judging myself irreplaceable.
Help me see the law of time, in the gradual detachment of things
Help me to discover, during this transition of roles,
one of the most pulsating expressions of life,
that is renewed under the impulse of your providence.
Lord, may I still be useful on this earth,
contributing with optimism and prayers,
for the joy, faith and courage of those who have the turn of responsibilities.
May I live without losing the humble and serene contact with the world in transformation.
May I not regret the past,
but to know how to make of the days that I may still live, a gift of social healing.
Lord, when I leave my work behind me,
make it be as simple and natural,
as a happy and serene sunset!

Written by my father, 89 years old, entrepreneur, businessman, still working.



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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

42 thoughts on “Message from an Elderly Man

    1. Hello Sue, I do believe that someone has a point here. To do what you love and feel fulfilled is key, and that is his motto. Be it work or not, we should not stop and watch life passing by.


        1. You’re most welcome Chris.
          The rehab sort of stopped when I transferred it to Flickr. It was suing lots of memory on the blog and I had to find another solution. But I know it’s not as convenient as using the blog to post. I now just tag it here.


  1. I can’t tell you how perfectly timed this message is. I’m only 68 but have been feeling the egotistical weight of all that loss and wondering what the hell I’m supposed to be doing next!! I was not done with my work…or at least, so I thought. This gives me a whole new way to look at my current stage in life. I could easily be at the very BEGINNING of the next great adventure. Thank you so much for sharing this. really!


  2. Lucile thank you for sharing this beautiful intimate prayer that your father shared with you. I am 58 and as we do get older our perspective on life does change. The prayer that your father shared with you shows such a beautiful, humble, sensitive and caring heart. No doubt he has experienced much in his 89 years which molded him and shaped into a man of such tremendous character.


    1. Hello Carl, always a pleasure to hear from you. And as always, you write with eloquence and from the heart. Thank you. I have to agree with you that he is such a man and I am very proud of him.


  3. Beautiful! My 85-year-old father still slips me words of wisdom, hope, and encouragement on occasion. It is a special thing to learn from these guys who have endured life’s battles and still march (happily) on. My greatest hope is to be as resilient and positive as my parents when I am their age.


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