From Morning to Evening Fog

This is a gallery of my unplanned day of shooting early and foggy morning in Amsterdam, and all the other places I have been today, whilst on the way to another city in Holland, called Hilversum.

The fog gave place to a beautiful sunny but cloudy day, and that gave me the chance to shoot amazing colours and reflections, pre and after sunset, before heading home.

I used an iPhone 7. Here is the gallery. 

This is the time of the year that I love the most to photograph. The color of the leaves isn’t the only thing that changes in autumn. The crisp Autumn days, the brilliant and clear blue sky.

As the days get shorter, the sun’s path across the sky sinks lower to the horizon. This bumps up the amount of scattered blue light that reaches our eyes on the planet’s surface. It is amazing to photograph from dawn to dusk and to get the most magic colors.

Eye-catching sunrises and sunsets is what I cannot miss during Autumn.

I am submitting this to WP Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

55 thoughts on “From Morning to Evening Fog

        1. Being happy is the most important, Shiva. The rest we can handle if we are happy.
          I have been absent from blogging and come back at least twice a month.
          Thanks for being present in my blog.
          I’ll go now to your blog too.
          I’m having a peaceful and relaxing day and wish you the same.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Dearest Debbie. I love the bridge and make photos often in different lights and seasons. I don’t post because it’d be too much, but above all because our common friend Baddie, cannot stand it! So, all for friendship! 😉
      All fine, just the normal busy…preparing to close the year and take some weeks to travel.
      Much love back at you. 😘


      1. well, we all miss you when you don’t show up in blog land, but we forgive you, because we know the ‘real’ world calls…. so its always a delight when you pop back in. i’d say that bridge would be a good reason to visit amsterdam, it looks very unique… and then of course.. there is you .. an even better reason!
        stay warm! xoxo


        1. Well, you know how to write heartwarming and caring words! Thank you, Debbie.
          The real world has to give in of taking so much of my time from my wonderful blogger friends.
          Meanwhile, I’ll keep posting photos of the bridge to lure you and perhaps Baddie, to finally come here.
          Huge hugs. Xxx


          1. aw… you are so sweet. these last bridge pics were truly inspirational, shown from a different angle. i finally realised just how special and amazing that bridge is!!!! yes.. one day… ill just place amsterdam on my bucket list. my bucket list is short. ive done enough travelling. but amsterdam is now officially calling….. 🙂


              1. love to visit you … and your bridge …. one day Lucile.
                have you landed in Brasil yet? i LOVED Brasil …. if you dont answer, i will know its because you are drinking too much cachacha …😊😊


    1. It was amazing, Jane. As we travelled back to Amsterdam, we took a countryside road and stopped at every parking opportunity. There was hardly any wind, clouds, fog, farms, canals, so…just a gift! I was sad to not have my camera but the iPhone captured it just fine. I didn’t do much post processing either. The colors were really amazing. Thanks, Jane. Hope all is well.


  1. shouldn’t you be in bed?? Hilversum is out there near Blaricum where I spent some time last summer, eh? Lovely BRIDGE photos AGAIN! You do have a fine eye. You have an iPhone 7 now? I’m waiting for their folding phone


    1. Yes, I should have been in bed…but I wanted so much to publish these photos. It had been a while not posting and in fact, my posts are my ticket to meet you all, and I miss you the community.
      Yes, Hilversum is right there where you went.
      The bridge again….always anxious to post and upset you! You’d better come here once and shoot this dang bridge too!!
      Yep, I recently got the 7! Water resistant was the most important feature to me. 3 x 0 to water. I lost a 4,5 and 6, and it’s a full blog post!
      Is apple going for a folding phone? You’re kidding me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. right, I know what you mean about posting and this gang of misfits we hang out with here in cyberville.
        I think I rode through Hilversum, but can’t really remember much about it. After Blaricum, what else is there to see, anyway, eh?
        Is the 7 better in any way than the 6? I think I want a larger phone next time…easier to hold and better to view the screen.


        1. I am quite sure some of the ‘misfits’ will go after you after this comment.
          Also the people that live after Blaricum! 😉
          The 7 is better but not much of a reason to upgrade. I went from 5 to7, as I had dropped my 6 in the canal. An accident, of course. I bought the small one.

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  2. Great photos, Lucile! I was going to say the bridge is my favourite but then I saw the canals and now I don’t know. All I know is I am looking forward to my next trip to Holland which will take me – again – to Middelburg because my wife and I just love Walcheren’s dunes. Happy 1st advent!


    1. Hi Tobias. Thank you so much, as well as for visiting my ‘house’. Sunday’s visits are always nice. Stay for lunch! 😉 bring your wife and let’s go for a walk in Walcheren. It’s a beautiful sunny day.
      Have a wonderful day!


    1. Oh Sally, your words are more than I could wish for. Heartfelt thanks.
      I have tried to post at least twice a month but have had not enough time to shoot and be more creative.
      After writing this, I just realized how sad that is, and I should make more time to do what I love.
      Trust all is well with you and that you had a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday with your family.


  3. What a glorious gallery, Lucile! Welcome back and I hope your time in the real world has been wonderful. It’s a busy time of year, but I feel the same way about the blogging community, so I try to balance the two.



    1. You’re very kind, Janet! Thank you.
      The real world is sometimes too much of a bad theater performance, but I am so used to it that it doesn’t get to my nerves anymore. That’s the advantage of growing older and hopefully more mature, we learn to pick our battles and to not expect much change from some people.
      It’s a hugely busy time now and I’m counting every single day to go on vacations from Christmas till mid January.
      I do miss the blogging community a lot and feel reenergized when connecting with all of you! It’s better than the real world’s people out there! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nope, as ever, I started in the wrong place and jumped to the wrong conclusions. See how misunderstandings can happen. I read The Fall first and I’ve only just now seen the BF comments in the above. Please can I be one of the band of misfits? 🙂


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