It has been a while since I shot some candid portraits and I do miss doing it. I hadn’t yet though, shared this one from October last year. Of course, you can notice that this elegant woman is not dressed for European summer. Even if today in Amsterdam we had a max temperature of 21C.

And there she is.  She wasn’t alone but focused on a conversation with another woman. A friend, a relative. Who knows. The cigarette was not ever lit but part of the scene. I waited patiently until she stopped talking and moving her face. And then she paused. Click.


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37 thoughts on “Candid

    1. Hi Lois! Miss you too! I’m so sorry to reply so late. I’ve been absent from blogging and have not had enough time to read carefully and reply the blog’s of my friends, like you. I need to change that. Work is not everything!
      Have a lovely week. Hugs.

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  1. Incredible pic, Lucille.
    I;m just wondering, do you go over to the people later and ask their permission to upload their face on world wide web, if you dont know them? I saw lots of great character shots whilst in Italy, and thought of you – and the unimitable Lignum Draco – but I just dont have the confidence to photograph perfect strangers….. I started to a little bit in China last year, and my daughter kept reminding me, “Mum, what’s happened to your principles, you are turning into a tourist”!
    Of course, I appreciate that other people do take candid shots of strangers, I just find it difficult.

    or maybe you did know this grand character? …

    So just wondering how you feel about it…
    much love
    Debbie xxx


    1. Hi Debbie, sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m late to reply. Long story. Deserves a post, maybe soon.
      Well, that’s the old question that makes me reflect all over again. It’s a borderline situation.
      Many of my shots are candid and without permission. I just shoot with discretion, and with all honesty, I feel like I’m making street and people’s photos, as art, for their beauty, and not to take advantage and sell them.
      That gives me a good feeling, and surely I feel not guilty.
      It’s a controversial theme, I know. Perhaps less so in Europe than in the USA, where there is a culture of suing people for anything.
      If you had done it in Italy, I bet you wouldn’t have had any issues.
      Lignum Dracum makes stunning candid photos, all in Sydney. So I guess it might be accepted there too.
      When I ask, people always agree. Other times I don’t ask, they see it and say nothing.
      Only once I had an argument with a guy, a street seller in Paris, because he thought I was shooting him and I wasn’t. I could show my photos and prove it to him. He kept shouting at me. I guessed he was illegal and wanted to hide.
      When I shot once in a street market, another guy hid his face, while I was shooting the fruits. Guess he was afraid he would be shot next! Not!
      Super hug and much love back at you!
      PS: hope you’re back on track health wise.


    1. Hi Terri, thank you! You’re so kind, and I feel bad to have been so absent and miss the opportunity to connect with you. Sorry for such a late reply.
      I’m doing well, though overworking, just like in the past.
      I’m enjoying a fantastic new project but it’s been super demanding, and something had to give.
      I’m getting to a phase where things will get smoother and hopefully you’ll see me more often.
      Take good care!

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  2. What an amazing image. You know I LOVE black-and-white. Always takes me back to when I developed my film and made my own prints in an at-home darkroom. I did not purchase my digital camera yet, but hope to do so in September. Keep sharing your fabulous pics.


    1. Hello! Sorry for having taken so long to reply.
      Interesting to learn about your experience with photography. September is almost there! So, are you going for digital? Looking forward to seeing it.
      Thanks again for visiting and for your lovely comment.


  3. oh lucile, it’s already been said but that’s a pic to stop traffic – if not real traffic definitely blog traffic. i stopped dead scrolling through my reader and had to read more about her. the cigarette is perhaps my favorite part (and this coming from an asthmatic)!


    1. Hello IM, I’m so happy to see you around, and apologize for such a late reply. I’ve been hardly blogging. I’m stopping my blog traffic, literally!
      I love your comment, which as always, is worth reading it. Yes, what a character!
      Hope all is well with you.


  4. Her eyes still look so young, don’t they? OK, I get that there are cool-looking people in Holland. What I don’t get is how you can photograph them like this all the time. Either you have an 800mm lens, or you are the invisible woman. Just a lovely shot, lovely character.


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