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After Brexit, I need to spend some time putting things into perspective. I am confused with the world right now ,and with the reasons people use to take long lasting decisions.

It looks like decisions that affect a whole nation for the long term, don’t need anymore a sound rationale with facts and evidence.

I followed the last debate on BBC and at times I thought i was watching a marketing campaign. For me it’s puzzling that so many people take such far reaching decisions based on so little information. 

What’s your view on this?


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30 thoughts on “Put Into Perspective

  1. My perspective is “grounded” in what I once heard – most people only process around 10% of what they hear – it could be said that most of the time we are more directed by how we react to what we hear than actually think about what is being said…or not said.


  2. Lucile, it seems that the world is imploding. All we can do is stick to our own principles, and make a difference in our small part of the universe. It’s hard to fathom the ripple effect of the British’s choice.

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  3. Like you I’m still processing and trying to stop feeling so angry. The Big T and I couldn’t even vote because we’ve been out of the U.K. for a little bit too long. But the issue still affects us — and our son. We regard ourselves as European citizens as much as New Zealanders, but will now just be “British.” I’m disgusted that the politics of fear and hatred have resulted in this decision.

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  4. I’m with you Lucile, it seems such a huge decision to make that will have long reaching repercussions on everyone. My daughter lives in UK and says the hate and animosity this has aroused is hurting so many people, they are not very United at this moment that’s for sure! Your image is beautiful and suggests hope.


  5. I fully agree with you, Lucile! And now, three days later, everone seems to think, “OMG, what have we done?” And seemingly nobody is overly eager to take on political responsibility, not to mention a next step…


    1. So true, Lex. And it seems to be a domino effect. The world has always been a play field for humans, who insist to make it complicated, and blame ‘life’ to be difficult. Never in my life I felt the need to say so often that those who don’t know its history, are condemned to repeat it.

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      1. Sorry for not replying before. It was a shock and the way things are progressing with the government back in the UK it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Take the case of the new Foreign Secretary for example…


  6. I have no clue about the facts or what is right or what is good (and for whom) or what the repurcussions might be for anybody, and I have enough problems making decisions for myself.
    Do you have another opinion than their leaving?


    1. In fact, it’s the whole process that appalls me. It started with the PM promising a referendum to win the elections and not for conviction, as he is pro Europe. A gamble, and he lost.
      People were fed up of the austerity policies, due to the economic crisis, and that has nothing to do with Europe, but the ‘leaders’ interested to leave have used all you can imagine to make people angry. They were also campaigning for the PM position.
      The arguments for the leave campaign are laughable as there was never a fact or evidence. Emotional campaign at its best. Populism. Use of anger and hatred.
      At the end, when they won and the pound dropped and the stock markets reacted negatively, they all jumped ship.
      Leaving bit Europe but the mess behind them, for others to clean it up.
      This was not about Europe but about greed in politics being placed above the interests of a whole nation.
      That’s what ‘still’ amazes me.

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      1. yeah…I just don’t understand how people can do what they do and think it’s OK or the best for everyone
        I wish I’d have bought a bunch of pounds when they were so far down. Are they still down?


  7. Unfortunately, populists rise when people are undereducated, frightened and feeling disenfranchised. We’ve seen this before but obviously haven’t learned from our mistakes. I hope that this is not a harbinger that Trump will take the Presidency in 2016. I do believe that if we could reverse the growing economic gap and spread wealth more evenly, that the populists draw would lessen


    1. Lisa, The best would be to disagree with you but there is nothing I can say otherwise.
      Everyday we hear about a new tragedy resulting from disenfranchised people, who ate being influenced by populists and radicals of any sort, becoming capable of committing insane acts.
      From Brexit to refugees, attacks in France or Germany, we see a common denominator, and that’s uneducated and uninformed people making stupid decisions.
      Let’s hope for the best.


  8. From commentary I read yesterday, it seems that the referendum results do not really matter as higher powers make the final decisions. I was surprised that such a momentous change could be made on such a narrow percentage. What does matter is the reported divisiveness it has caused, but that is politics. Keep the populace fearful. I’m appalled at the leaders jumping ship. In Australia, we have a historical tendency to say ‘no’ on all referendums and I’m thinking that may well be a good thing.


    1. I think it’s a very good thing that it works like that in Australia.
      The latest referendum in England and another one held here in Holland, about allowing trade with Ukraine, had in common that fears guide decision over substance and facts. Too bad.

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