Face I

For this week’s Photo Challenge, Cheri Lucas asks us to share a photo of a face.

It could be your own face; the face of a loved one, whose lines and creases you know well; or even a face out in the wild, where you least expect to see one.

I selected a few ones, which I will post separately.

The featured photo has been in my archives for a while. I stumbled upon these sculptures next door my dentists’ practice. It had no name of the artist, though.

I liked the way they have been arranged; three of them have closed eyes, and the one at the right side looks down on them.

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

21 thoughts on “Face I

  1. Great photo, Lucile! I love that this photo is in place and white. These faces are filled with so much mystery and intrigue, and the black and white nature of the photo certainly adds to those qualities.


  2. I love the way the one on the far right is looking at the others. Black and white is perfect for this photo. I guess you already said that..so I second you! Looking forward to more Face


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