What Do You Think?

I had a tough time to choose a title for this post.

Since I saw this man, shot his photo, and up to now, I am still wondering if he was sleeping, resting or crying.

I love the photo, though. How about you?


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78 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

  1. He is exhausted , after a whole day of hard work….
    My interpretation adds that maybe he doesn’t live in a real house and his family is far away…
    Too pessimistic…?
    Hope so!

    My favorite photo is the B&W version , so very strong ad dramatic …


  2. When I saw the B&W, I thought this was a sculpture. In your colour photo, the emotion seems to come out more. He’s got really big muscles, so he’s obviously not hungry or down and out. I think he’s just whacked and having a rest and maybe praying for a bottle of water to appear..


  3. He is weary and wants to know how much longer he must go until he is done. Until he can rest. Will he ever get there His feet are hot. The laces are untied


  4. My God, I haven’t been here in so long, denying myself for no good reason…I came to say “the universe is conspiring to kill me, by my own hand” and I find this staring back at me. In the midst of my self-induced mental chaos, a greater power is leading me to what I need, and today, it is this photo. What I find here is a reminder to bow my head and pray instead of letting the darkness consume me…I’m praying for him too!

    Thank you, for this photo I’m calling ‘quiet contemplation’. You, Lucile, are a light in my darkness!


    1. Hello! It’s good to see you back here. Always. And never worry if returning takes some time. And if this photo has somehow brought you to positively reflect on your personal situation, that makes me extremely happy. It made this picture worthier.
      I am humbled and overwhelmed by your comment. Heartfelt thanks.
      I wish you find peace and happiness through a quiet contemplation. Hugs to you.


  5. If I had only seen the B&W version is have been tempted to think this was a photo of despair. But then the colour version suggests a contented exhaustion, the sort that comes from a hard work out, or a physical job done well!


    1. Thank you, Mitch. You’re the second person to say that it looks like a bronze sculpture. How interesting. Asking the question has generated a great interaction and unique guesses. Thanks for joining in the ‘guessing game’.


  6. You have certainly captured a great image of body language which evokes a whole range of human emotions. It pulls the viewer into your scene. I think, the B&W is the strongest and most powerful of your photos. The color photo distracts from the powerful emotion
    you so successfully captured in the B&W.



  7. Tough one. I love both images; they convey such different emotions. In colour, I’d almost without hesitation say he’s resting; in b&w — not so sure. Great shot.


  8. I don’t see a phone in that photo. My guess is that he’s upset because he lost it. And now that I’ve got my sarcasm out of the way for today, I will tell you that I think it’s a great shot. The B&W is my favourite of the two.


  9. I immediately thought he was crying in the B&W, then the color one seemed to show his muscles were more relaxed, so I’ll go with resting! (Makes me feel better about it, too!)


  10. The two photos actually evoke different emotions – how strange! In the first shot (monochrome), I thought that the man may be weary, and alone. When I then saw the shot in colour, I was surprised to see the vivid colours – his blue top, and new shoes.
    Perhaps a tired traveller?


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