Sakura, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Holland

This post goes in response to my friend @desleyjane – Seven Days of Nature challenge.

During Sakura, or the so-called Cherry Blossom Festival, the Japanese celebrate the arrival of spring. It is tradition to picnic with family and friends under the blossoming cherry trees. The cherry blossom represents a new beginning, but at the same time refers to the transience of life.

I saw blogger GF-Chopstix at Gluten Free. Lekker Food! Leaker Life! , posting photos of the Cherries Blossom in the US. That is when I had just heard of the Dutch-Japanese version of the Cherry Blossom Festival, happening at the Cherry Blossom Park at  ‘Amsterdamse Bos’, in Amstelveen, Holland.

The Festival had started a few days ago, and I was almost too late to get them, before all leaves blew away, I visited the park last Thursday evening, just before the sunset hours. How lucky I was, as heavy rains and wind arrived on Friday morning; that was my last chance to capture these beautiful flowers. This gallery goes to my blogger friend, GF-Chopstix.


In the year 2000, the Japan Women’s Club (JWC) donated 400 cherry trees to Amstelveen. Every tree has a name; 200 trees have a Japanese female name, 200 trees have a Dutch woman’s name, to strengthen relationships with the Japanese community.

Each year, the Cherry Blossom Festival is organized in March or April for the Japanese community, in gratitude for the gift of cherry trees. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a way to express hospitality and to strengthen ties with Japan.
The Cherry Blossom Festival is organized by the department of Amstelveen Amsterdam in business in cooperation with the JWC (Japanese Women Club), the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, the Japanese Embassy and the Japan-Netherlands Society. Amstelveen is home to the largest Japanese community in the Netherlands and the third largest in Europe.

This is day six to share seven nature shots over seven days and nominate a new person each day. Visit Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist, Desley’s blog, to enjoy her superb macro shots. Peerless.

After sharing sunrise scenes, birds and tulips, today I am sharing another face of Nature’s beauty represented by a dried leaf.

I will nominate Su at Zimmerbitch.  Please, feel free to not participate, if you aren’t joining challenges.

Hope you enjoy…

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36 thoughts on “Sakura, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Holland

    1. I must say that it’s not really like that the whole time, as we can expect ups and downs and a bit of winter temps too. There is a saying here like that: “April does what it wants!”
      Thank you for the lovely words.

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  1. I am a new convert to the love of cherry blossoms! Being in Washington, DC, for the first time as a resident during cherry blossom time, I made the most of my ability to walk to see these beautiful flowers on multiple occasions this past month. They are so delicate, and such a perfect soft shade of pinkish-white. Your gallery is just as lovely!


  2. Oh, Lucile! These shots are magical! Thank you so much for making it to the the park to capture them! Also, so kind of you to mention me, and dedicate this post to me – I’m so touched. Such a wonderfully kind gesture – my heartfelt thanks!


  3. Speaking of great photo journalism Lucile! Oh how I miss the Cherry blossom festivals in the States. Your festival is very new but no less beautiful. It’s amazing how magnificent those trees. And I love the peace and goodwill that these trees represent 🌸🌸🌸🌸


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