The Happy Fisherman

While spending a long weekend in Lisbon, Portugal, we took the ferry-boat to Cacilhas. There we saw many fishermen and women, trying their luck.

There was though not just another fisherman, but the one with the most generous smile I could get to brighten my day.

We had a very nice talk about his unlucky fishing day, and he complained that his bucket remained empty, but his smile never left his face.Β  I couldn’t resist, and asked his permission to make some photos, which I’m sharing with you. Let me know what you think.


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

77 thoughts on “The Happy Fisherman

  1. Lucile!
    Long time no news from you.
    You were the one who encouraged me when I started my blog last year, thanks again for that.
    These are beautiful Pics and it depicts of the person’s life and his job.
    The clarity in the picture is commendable, the shade and light and the angels are proper.

    I welcome you to my blog, a lot has happened there with all your blessings.
    Read some poetry , quotes and posts you may like, I hope you shall drag some time for that.
    Fond Regards,


    1. Thank you so much Shiva. Sorry, I’ve been really absent from blogging, purely for lack of quality time.
      I’m honored with your comment. Keep up the good work. You got what you deserved.


  2. I love these shots; especially the first. One part of me is drawn to a strong image of this man, and wanting to know more about his life; another part of me sees in him a sort of “universal” man; strong, kind, fair. Someone who is living an ordinary life the best way they know how. You have captured this duality of individual and humanity so well Lucile. Cheers, Su.


            1. Two options: 1. They’re rigid…beyond repair. 2. They saw you clicking and are shy.
              I’m an emotion hunter. That’s why I like to click while they are distracted. Even if I’m looking at them, I click while talking. Just do it.


              1. No, no, no. I’m on to your tricks. I believe you carry a long straight pin in your camera gear and stick them in the rear with it, or you have your assistant stick them so you can focus at the right moment! Tell me I’m wrong.


  3. What a happy looking man! These are stunning shots but I’m drawn to the weathered black and white – it makes me smile just looking at him. Well done Lucile!


      1. I have a battery grip plus an extra battery. It might be possible to remove the exif text when you’re importing the photos into Lightroom? I haven’t looked into it, but it might be possible.


      1. I was thinking about checking that out today, and then I forgot. Maybe tomorrow. If that’s in any way responsible for how great your photos are, I MUST remember to get it. πŸ™‚


  4. Well these images certain show the benefit of ‘asking permission’ when shooting the man on the streets. You captured so many wonderful images of this beautiful man. The details are perfect. Jealous as always of your talented eye, but learning from you ever more.


    1. I prefer candid shots for being spontaneous, although we take more risks. But authentic people like this man, don’t pose, don’t get intimidated by the sight of a camera. I’m grateful for your appreciation and must say that it’s always the quality of the contact with the subject, no matter how brief, which will lead to great shots. I was as much a subject as he was to me, as he was as curious as I was, and asking questions about me too. He was ‘shooting’ me too! So we made these shots together. It was truly nice, Lisa. A very nice human being.

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        1. Just start talking with them, and it might happen. I have often experienced that with elderly people and children. The elderly crave for attention and are so eager to speak…and the kids are just spontaneous and live to talk too. The interaction, the connection is the most important, then the click just happens and you get the most beautiful expressions, which they love to see.

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  5. Hi Lucile!
    He may not have found any fish, but he was a lucky gentleman to have found you that day! And vice versa! What amazing photos…what great expression that comes from his smile and even the lines on his face. Such story in his eyes.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us!
    Have a lovely weekend and all my best,


    1. Hi Lia! What a lovely visit from my wonderful NYC friend and city’s ambassador!
      Your comments are always considerate, insightful and motivational. Heartfelt thanks.
      Have a wonderful weekend too.
      Hugs from Amsterdam.

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