Photo101 Rehab hosts Available Light: Winter darkness

Happy New Year to everyone! It is again Nalinki from AngleAndViews writing a bit about available light photography. Currently, most of the time it is foggy and dark in Vienna. To escape the winter blues, I packed myself into warm and cosy clothes to have a photo walk with my camera.

Don’t forget to bring gloves for these kind of winter photography walks! Being creative while your fingers are almost frozen and stiff is not that funny.

While the street lamps were essential to find my way up to the castle, I took some pictures of their atmospheric orange light. I only had my Sony RX pocket camera with me. I simply set the white balance to cloudy and adjusted the aperture accordingly. (Even with gloves it was too cold to play around with settings extensively).

At New Year’s Eve, we played a game called “Concept”. You need to describe words solely with the help of images on the game board. It was so much fun, we almost missed the fireworks at midnight. Thus, I only put my camera on the roof overhang, and set the exposure time to 10 seconds. Voila!

If you do not have time to prepare, simply use whatever you have and take pictures. The pictures might not be perfect, but who cares? Missing the right moment would not make them any better 🙂

If you want to join and show your winter darkness pictures, tag your post with #availablelightrehab. Cheers, yours Nalinki!

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