Well, Day 6 at Wrting101 Poetry Course’s prompt is Fallacy  by Jason Preu.

Unsound arguments. Failures of reason.

Today, let’s write poems that are wholly illogical.

Bio: Jason Preu blogs at jasonpreu.wordpress.com. He’s a 2015/16 writer-in-residence with Kansas City’s Charlotte Street Foundation where he is writing a collection of 154 sonnets about your mom.

Well that was quite something…here is my take:

Flowers brew the best beer

In the cave of the deer

Creepy sound, there is fear

Where is the gear, run my dear

Summer rain, there is no gain

Drinking fast, the holy grain

Colorful sounds burst into tears

The rainbow appears, as “teddy-beers”

Now my second attempt; I utterly failed trying to be illogical but I will post it anyway. Inspired by the world we live in, here you have it:

Million years back, in planet Ape,

An ape became a clever human,

And sent the apes to the African forest.

He burnt forests and fossil fuels,

There was no food, gone was the gruel,

And life on earth turned into a mess.

The ape was lucky to meet Zuckerberg,

And got one giga of free Wi-Fi.

From his iphone, he joined Facebook,

And added as friends the whole mankind.

He visited Paris, London and New York,

And tried Iraqi, Syria and Beijing.

After seeing war, bankers and pollution,

The ape exhausted his simple cortex.

He called mankind on Facetime,

And said loudly, WTF…I have enough!

You are insane, you have no brain,

The game is over, you lamebrain.

Let’s go back soon, to planet Ape.


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13 thoughts on “Fallacy

  1. I adored both the poems! Much fun — the first was funny and creative and had some great word-play. And I really enjoyed the second, as well — wars, social media, Planet Ape, Zuckerberg … you’ve captured modern times well.


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