Reflections and Magic

I missed day one and two of Wrting101 Poetry Course, here is my belated entry.

Day 2: Reflections. Prompt is ‘Reflections’ by Melinda Kucsera 

Everyone wants love but nobody knows what it is. Poets, philosophers and neuropsychologists, describe the greatest emotion we ever felt. “What is love” though, is still missing a universal truth. We don’t need to know it, I daresay, let’s not go this way; love is love, just love.

They say love is chemistry, disguised in a cocktail of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin. Is love selfless, or a give and take? Others believe is a show of multiple faces. You see fraternity, compassion and affection. There is much passion, flirting and bonding. Does it matter, what they say? No way; love is love, just love.

Does love reveal through true soul mates, becoming one, and a mirror image? Is ‘one’ a reflection of another, without a border, trading ‘oneself’ for a shadowed existence? Listen no more. You and me are not ‘we’, we are in love, and that’s all that what we are supposed to be.

Don’t ask questions and forget the reflections. Forget psychology and philosophy, because love, is just poetry. Love is love, just love.

I attempted to make a prose poem. Not easy. What do you think?

Bio: Melinda Kucsera is an IT project manager for an academic journal publisher by day. At night, she posts vignette-style sonnets from her soon-to-be-published fantasy series on her website, in medias res. You can also find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Day 1: Magic. Prompt is ‘Magic’ by La duchesse d’Érat


Et voilà, this was my Haiku.

Bio: Frédérique (aka La duchesse d’Érat ( ) lives and writes in Lyon, France. She started her blog hoping to connect with an audience and ended up sharing every aspect of her writing life (stories, accounts, tips, pictures of her cat and of her tiny tired laptop) in both French and English.

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25 thoughts on “Reflections and Magic

  1. OMG, you are on fire girlfriend. What you are producing with a pen is fantastic. Very heartfelt and very wise. And I love the image with your thoughts on them. Pinned this one too. Hugs!


    1. OMG Lisa, you’re totally creating a monster girlfriend, infected with vanity! Lol
      Thank you so much for the encouragement and support.
      I tried to find you on Pinterest without success! 😭
      Could you find me?
      Hugs back at you and have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lucile! I’m quite well. Settling into Thailand, busy with school and traveling on the weekends…not enough time for blogging, but all is well. Absolutely adore Thailand.
        Always a pleasure to support your work!


        1. Britta, that’s the best thing you do there, being outside, experiencing new things and seeing what this land has to offer! Brava! Have a wonderful time. We’re here always, so you can be back whenever you want! And thanks again!


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