Sleep or Live

I wrote this poetry as an entry to today’s prompt of Writing101, Poetry: Sleep from Rohit Pandey.

Bio: Rohit Pandey (aka R ‘I’ P) is an Indian blogger / writer from New Delhi, and a self-proclaimed “man with a heart.” You can read more from him on his blog, Straight From Heart and on Twitter @officiallyrohit.

Poem_sleep .jpg

I am also submitting this entry to my friend’s Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Not because it is a quote from someone but because I wrote the poem!  This is also a link to Ronovan Writes  #BeWoW

Rohit’s prompt:

Sleep: a world where our thoughts rule.

A place where reality is overshadowed by dreams.

A time when we transport our soul from the real world to the virtual.

For some, the hours we spend asleep, alone and in peace, are the best of the entire day; for others, whether haunted by nightmares or unable to fall asleep in the first place, not so much.

It’s time to think deeply about sleep. Dive into the pool of night and let whatever it is you find there take poetic form. (I hope this prompt doesn’t make an insomniac out of you!)

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34 thoughts on “Sleep or Live

  1. Louise, your words are absolutely amazing! I love this part: “For happiness lives in my own skin, in a place that doesn’t fit all of the same kin…” Just superb! Well done, my dear friend. ❤


  2. “for happiness lives in my own skin/ in a place that doesn’t fit all the same kin”…wow factor #5 on a scale of 1 to 5!! But shouldn’t there be a bridge in this poem? Maybe a metaphorical bridge that lets us cross over to some of the same kin?


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