Tech of the month goes on a break

This is a message from perelincolors, your host for ‘Tech of the month’. This feature started a little over a year ago as a place to improve my photography. I have covered thirteen different topics since then and every month, I invite others to join me while I am learning. For last month’s topic, which was ’empty’ or ‘negative’ space, I was joined by

Tish Farrel – Looking for Space on Wenlock’s Windmill Hill

The New 3 Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect – Tech of the month: Generous Empty Space

Through the lens of my life – Volcano

Musings of a frequently flying scientist – Be generous with empty space

Black Body – Emptiness

Musin’ with Susan – Be Generous with Empty Spaces

Lucile de Godoy – Tech of the month: Be generous with empty space

(Apologies if I missed anyone!!!)

I am grateful to everyone who joined the challenge and I hope you play along again in February.

February? Yes, February. For everyone needs a break at some point and now is my turn. While I will try to recharge and get back into the habit of taking pictures regularly, ‘Tech of the month’ will go on an extended Christmas break.

I am wishing you all a great holiday season, and I hope you will join us again in the next year.

PS: All other posts and features on my blog will continue through out this break. And Lucile will continue with her awesome blogging here too!

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