Imagecraft Bootcamp — Thankful

Our early Thanksgiving dinner -- Central Florida (November 2015) Sony RX100 IV + Zeiss 1.8-2.8/24-70mm
Our early Thanksgiving dinner — Central Florida (November 2015)
Sony RX100 IV + Zeiss 1.8-2.8/24-70mm

Hi, this is your host, Mitch.  I have none of the usual photo tips or post-processing tricks today, for tomorrow is Thanksgiving in my country, a national holiday that is open to all… regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, level of wealth, political persuasion, or religious beliefs.  And rather than setting aside the time to put together another in-depth post on photography, I’ve been doing all the necessary support work (errand running, food shopping, and bottle washing) for the occasion.

The photo above is of our early Thanksgiving meal, and was taken last week as we visited some of my family down in Florida.  The Cornish game hen was the only thing purchased, though they smoked the birds with peach wood themselves; everything else that was served on the table was grown in their own garden.  It was a simple meal, but quite delicious.

Many people just focus on the meal, but Thanksgiving has always meant so much more to me.  This year — even more so than usual — I’m very thankful for the following:

  • I’m grateful that my European ancestors had the courage and determination to immigrate here in the 1800’s (and weren’t turned away), so that the rest of their extended family could thrive and survive as citizens in the United States… a nation where we continue to have many freedoms that others have yet to experience and the opportunity for every individual to advance to their fullest potential.
  • I’m truly thankful to have a solid roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, and plentiful food — all of which is the result of my own hard work and not something given to me by others.  And yes, I know first hand what it is like to be without all of those things.
  • I’m truly grateful for modern medicine, science, and technology.  I learned just a few days ago that my latest health results have finally come back negative for a condition I’ve fought for the past several years… a condition that would have been fatal less than twenty years ago!  This is truly a wonderful development for me and many others whom are similarly afflicted, and one that would have been impossible without the education and investment in all the various fields of endeavor that lead to the advancement of knowledge for all.
  • But more importantly — far more than all of the others combined — I’m incredibly grateful for my spouse, partner, and best friend for these past 25+ years, Cindy.  She has been — and continues to be — the very best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thus on the eve of my country’s most important national holiday, Thanksgiving, I sincerely wish the very best to you and yours — no matter where you might call home on this big blue marble — and hope that you are able to be thankful as well.

9 thoughts on “Imagecraft Bootcamp — Thankful

  1. Perhaps a bit late to comment on Thanksgiving, if I strictly follow the conventional date, but I will use the benefit of having been absent from the blogosphere for two weeks ( due to a course and the health of a family member), to still reply to you.
    I do that also because all you said, and I side with you, can be said every day of the year. Being grateful is a simple and profound action we should take every day.
    I for one am happy to hear about your health and wish you even more happy and healthy days.
    I am also thankful to have met you at WP.
    Best wishes!


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