Imagecraft Bootcamp: Our First Image

Mitch Zeissler, our host of the Imagecraft Bootcamp, has given us a very special challenge:

“The challenge for today should be a fun one for people of all ages — what is the very first image you ever shot and what has photography come to represent to you?  And by first image, I mean the very first photograph you ever captured that has managed to make it to today.”

Well, it is a shame but I simply don’t have my first image, and I’m sure I didn’t take it when I was 4 y/o, as Mitch did. I am going to share though some of the photos I made with my first serious camera, a Nikon FM, which I bought in 1983, when I started to follow a photography course.

I still have this camera and all lenses, just because I love it, although I don’t use it anymore. It was with my Nikon that I learned to shoot manual and experimented the new techniques from the course. It was exciting to also learn to develop them myself; that was great fun.

What does Photography represent to me?

I think that Photography happened to me naturally, as I haven’t ever dedicated much thought to it. I just went for it like a magnet since I was a teenager. Why? I wanted to register the world’s beauty as I saw it. My preference was nature, street photography and people’s portraits. This interest remains to date.

I chose a professional path much more focused on (over utilizing) the left side of my brain.  Photography though, continued being my way to express myself more creatively, to speak through images and share my views and values. As I equally like writing, combining the two has been a source of inspiration. I may either write from the meaning I depicted from an image or vice versa.

Photography may simply be a way to store my life’s best memories, as I cannot fulfill an illusion that I can immortalize life.

And here is my selection.

Family Portraits






Playing with effects in the Dark Room – Typical Dutch Houses in Volendam, a fisherman’s village

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