PhotoRehab Wrap Up #18 and New Challenge #19

This is last week’s Cover Makeover, which by my partner in crime @desleyjane hosted on her blog.

We have been blogging only scheduled posts for both of us being overcome with many things related to our jobs, as well as because of a course that I am following in France.
We deeply regret but we cannot do this week’s wrap up and propose a new challenge.
We took a break till the end of the month and will resume activities in December.
For those who haven’t done yet, you can still use this prompt, and we will wrap up everyone’s entries when we return with a new challenge.
Apologies and thanks for your understanding.
Lucile & Desley


Cover Makeover is the our themed feature of the Photo Rehab Clinic, created by me and Lucile from Bridging Lacunas.

Every week we give a new prompt, and our participants go to town, using all their creativity, and producing fabulous covers often better than the originals.

Welcome to last week’s Wrap Up and to the new challenge.

Last week, Lucile took the advice of Badfish Out of Water and gave us the challenge of the movie poster for The Long Kiss Goodnight, starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson. I loved this movie but haven’t seen it in years, so I’ve put it back on my list of movies to watch soon! Here is the original cover and Lucile’s very creative cover:

Our talented group of designers came up with these marvellous covers below. If I have missed you out, I sincerely apologise. I took these which were tagged with #photorehabcovermakeover

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