Tech of the month: Be generous with empty space

Hi! Here is November’s Tech of the month, a collaboration between Lucile’s blog and mine over at perelincolors. In November, we’ll continue last month’s topic: empty space in image composition. In October, I set the challenge to fill the whole frame and to eliminate all empty space. To see the results, head to these blogs:

Lucile de Godoy: Fill the whole picture
Tish Farrel: It’s a wonderful world
Musin’ with Susan: Fill the whole picture
Amy from Playing with my first DSLR camera: Mushrooms

This month, I want to do the opposite and use a lot of empty space. In the image above, I used two ’empty areas’, the blue sky and a yellow rap field as two colour blocks.

In the next image, I used the empty, dark black background to highlight the beauty of a jellyfish.
Empty space can be used to highlight many other things as well, such as a landscape’s vastness or the smallness of a feather.
A mountain range in Tibet
When there is no empty space to contrast your subject against, you can use a small aperture to blur the background.

To participate in this month’s challenge, post your pictures and notify us with a link to this post. As always, you are also invited to submit your photos to Lucile’s Photo Rehab.

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15 thoughts on “Tech of the month: Be generous with empty space

  1. Cool challenge (like the one before)! I truly believe that pictures get better once we become aware of the ‘picture space’ – your pictures here re a point in case, but I think that sort of goes without saying.


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