The (In)-famous Like Button

You may or not have noticed that the LIKE button is back in my posts.

Have I changed my mind? Or has something else happened against my will?

Want to hear about it? You may have had the same problem though not for the same reason. You perhaps may want to know what happens to you whilst WordPress developers are busy developing new features instead of solutions….

It feels pretty much like this photo; mist and fog are all over my blog now…

I got a question from fellow blogger Badfish on the whereabouts of the Reblog button. His button had vanished and he noticed that I hadn’t one either. As I haven’t removed it from my blog, I took a few steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Checked the dashboard if I had done something wrong. Found nothing different in the configuration.
  2. Tried to get ‘online’ help from a Happy Engineer…Well, I noticed that they don’t show up online anymore on my dashboard while I am blogging. Have I missed to learn that they don’t offer the service anymore? Do you know about this?
  3. Headed to forums to check similar problems. Learned that I wasn’t alone as more people complained. Interestingly enough, I discovered this: a) that self hosted blogs aren’t allowed to reblog posts, but I am not self-hosted so I kept searching…; b) WP developers are busy “developing” new features and disabled the reblog button on the reader and apparently something went wrong…also beyond the reader.
  4. This not Self-hosted but Unhappy WP Premium Customer sent an e-mail message to a Happy Engineer. Here starts a series of back and forth messages, which led to the only solution being to reinstate the LIKE button.
  5. I then decided to post this and publicly share the exchange of emails with the Happy Engineer, as it felt like a game, not of thrones, but a game of throwing back and forth hot potatoes on me.

But before I do that, and if you are not interested in reading it till the end, I want to express my disappointment with this process, and with the way you and I are treated as customers, on an ongoing basis.

Decisions are taken by developers and we are not informed about it. We find about it when we meet issues. Then we are told that there is no deadline to solve the issues, what means that they might not be solved if no one is busy with it! So, the hot potato is thrown back at me.

This speaks volumes about WP developers’ need to be more serious about customer focus, care, service and respect for our own business of blogging as well. We need each other here, so WP developers, how about playing in the same team?

From: “” <>
Date: 29 October 2015 at 14:07:02 GMT+1
Subject: [ Support] Reblog button vanished.

Your message is flying through cyberspace to us as you read this. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

For reference the request you submitted was:

I am not self-hosted.
I enabledd reblog as a sharing option. However it has vanished.
Help, please?

From: “K. –” <>
Date: 30 October 2015 at 00:06:44 GMT+1
Subject: [#2400279]: Reblog button vanished.

I am not self-hosted.
I enabledd reblog as a sharing option. However it has vanished.
Help, please?


I’m not sure why the reblog button isn’t appearing, so I’ll need to do more research and possibly report this issue to our developers.

I’ll let you know once I have more details.


Happiness Engineer

From: “K. –” <>
Date: 30 October 2015 at 17:00:49 GMT+1
Subject: [#2400279]: Reblog button vanished.

Thank you K, hope to hear from you soon, as I have guest posts with other bloggers who haven’t been able to reblog my posts.
I’d appreciate if they can resolve this shortly.

Hi Lucile,

We’re still looking at the base cause of this issue, but if you change the Likes setting to “Show Like button” the Reblog button should appear. You can alter that setting on this page:

Please note that you can still disable Likes on individual posts.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


From: “ Support” <>
Date: 1 November 2015 at 18:00:05 GMT+1
Subject: [] Rate your support experience

Please rate your support experience

K recently helped you out with your support request “Reblog button vanished.”. Once you’re done working together, we’d appreciate it if you sent us your rating of the experience — your feedback helps us improve our support.

It was great!
It was great! It was OK
Just OK It was not good
Not good

Thanks for flying with

From: “K. –” <>
Date: 2 November 2015 at 17:18:01 GMT+1
Subject: [#2400279]: Reblog button vanished.

The problem is not solved yet.
Have you found a solution?

Hi Lucile,

I don’t have a timeline for when this issue will be resolved, but fortunately there is a workaround to get the Reblog button to appear.

Have you tried changing the Likes setting to “Show Like Button”?

I’ll let you know once we have more details, but if you have any other questions, please let me know.


Happiness Engineer

From: “K. –” <>
Date: 3 November 2015 at 18:39:19 GMT+1
Subject: [#2400279]: Reblog button vanished.

I have done it and it didn’t solve the problem. So there is no workaround.
This is very upsetting.

Hi Lucile,

I failed to mention that the Reblog button will not appear unless Likes are enabled on the individual post.

Here are the complete steps to enable the Reblog button:

Change the Likes setting to “Show Like button” on this settings page:

On the post that you want the Reblog button to appear, ensure that Likes are enabled. When editing a post, you can check that setting in the “Advanced Settings” tab under “Likes & Shares”

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Happiness Engineer

From: “K. –” <>
Date: 4 November 2015 at 00:53:03 GMT+1
Subject: [#2400279]: Reblog button vanished.

I’ve done that. Still no reblog shows there!

Hi Lucile,

I’m seeing the Reblog button now. For example, on this post:

Are you missing it on any posts?

If so, please let me know and I’ll take a look.


Happiness Engineer

From: “K. –” <>
Date: 4 November 2015 at 21:55:56 GMT+1
Subject: [#2400279]: Reblog button vanished.

Hi K, indeed it showed up only when I used my computer to make the same change I had done
via the mobile app, without success.
I consider though that the problem is not resolved because this solutions obliges me to reinstate the
like button, which I had removed from my blog.
I’m still eagerly waiting for a solution.

Hi Lucile,

We reported this issue to our developers, but we don’t have a timeline for resolution.

Most sites that use the Reblog button, also use the Like button, so this issue doesn’t affect many sites. Since it isn’t a widespread issue, it may not be immediately fixed.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Happiness Engineer

From: Lucile de Godoy <>
Date: 5 November 2015 at 10:19:40 GMT+1
Subject: Re: [#2400279]: Reblog button vanished.

Hi K,

That’s a very disappointing answer!
What’s is this about not being a widespread issue?

So are you basically saying that there won’t be a resolution because I’m not priority? Are the developers obliging me to use a button that I don’t want to use in my blog – and which I have been given the option to disable -, and therefore I’m not asking for anything extra but simply what I’m entitled to have?

Why do I have to pay extra to WordPress if I get the same treatment as the ones who blog for free?

This is not acceptable, K. No serious business people operate with no deadlines. I’m a business person too, and guarantee you that the day I tell my clients that their problem is not like the ones of everyone else, and that I have no idea when and if I will help them, but just keep paying me extra, I will lose them.

Hope to hear from you on a more positive and customer friendly note.


60 thoughts on “The (In)-famous Like Button

  1. It’s good that WP gets a push like that now and then. I access the Happiness Engineers regularly to get my Premium’s worth and complained vigorously about the new Reader layout when it first popped up. They were forcing me to show my full post on the Reader, which I didn’t want to do. It got resolved fairly quickly… BUT I’m happy that you have your ‘like’ button back though…

    • Unfortunately it is only a post which they won’t read, and if they read, they won’t care, so it’s not a push.
      I am happy that they solved your issue quickly.
      The happy engineer who assisted me is not the one who can solve, and that’s why I removed his name from the post.
      I knew you would be happy with the like button….
      Not having a like button is the least of my concerns though, if people like you are happy.
      What really upsets me is their careless and inconsiderate attitude towards their customers.

  2. Agree. Agree. Agree. This is madness. I too am a premium customer and I too am in business and I can just imagine what would happen if I told my clients that’s their problem, while its a standard feature, doesn’t affect many people when it’s not working, so we aren’t going to prioritize what is actually a standard feature. It makes you wonder what other standard features may just disappear for no apparent reason. Thanks for sharing! X

  3. I got used to you not having a ‘like’ button Lucile πŸ˜›
    Hope that your issue gets resolved, and in the way that you would prefer, and not in the way that suits WP? I am still debating about whether to go premium, but after reading your post, and several others, I’m still undecided…

  4. I did not know that . . . I can remove the reblog button by removing the “like” button?

    That is so cool! I positively hate “reblogs”. I see them as a license to steal. Plus, I know some bloggers who have no content of their own; they just reblog stuff to drive traffic to their site.

    I occasionally search for my photos on the web (I tag them with Digimarc) and find them here or there on other blogs and they do so without permission. Some of them are reblogs.

  5. wow. There is no timeline; he’ll ‘possibly’ report this problem and oh, by the way–how was your experience with us? Major fail, that’s how my experience was. So sorry, Lucile.

    • That’s the way it is, Lois. It sort of irritated me to get a survey whilst nothing had been resolved. The happy engineer is the messenger as the developers are the ones creating this mess.
      I keep smiling, Lois. Thank you for the support.

  6. Man, now I see the other side of Lucille. The businesswoman. I need a pitbull like you on my side sometimes. There are a few things I don’t like about WP (they won’t let me have more than 15 tags in a post, they won’t choose me as Freshly Pressed, they don’t show my photos for the Challenge in a post at the end of the week, they won’t let me say f**gU in a post.
    But, I have to admit, I’ve had good luck with WP H-engineers, the couple times I used them. But then, my issues were popular. And fixable because I was just tech-saavy stupid.

    Here’s a funny story: MY reblog button has now reappeared! BUT…now my blog logo has been graffittied with…someone has spray-painted a pirate hat on my bad clownfish! Thanks for the shoutout, lady.

    • There aren’t two sides, Baddie! According to my husband, I blog as I work, and that’s why you hate me, isn’t it?
      Pitbull? Is that a compliment or another hatred attack? πŸ˜‰
      But if you need help, just ask, life is too short to swallow careless, unfair or unprofessional behavior, particularly when I pay for it.
      But I don’t think the happy engineer is responsible for this series of mistakes. The guy is just the messenger.
      And if you forget about these goals of getting featured or freshly pressed, then it will eventually happen to you. But…you have us, isn’t that enough?
      I saw your reblog today! Have you done anything? You’re now a techie? Woo hoo.
      Where is the graffiti??
      Shoutout? No need to thank me. Reciprocity. Thank you.

  7. It is crazy that you need to enable your ‘Like’ Button for the ‘Reblog’ to work. You know I love to ‘Like’ you, but I wish that you had reactivated it by choice rather than because of WP technical challenges. They need to get customer focused

  8. Goodread. I haven’t had any real trouble with them, but I do not like their new reader. And they engage too far in construction new things…instead of improving our dissatisfactions and maintaining what’s good already.

  9. Hi Lucille, my present dissatisfaction with wordpress is that I made a reply to this a few hours ago, then it just wouldnt load up and disappeared! The cheek of the internet!!! My previous pissed-offness is because all email notifications have just disappeared. ive checked in my reader thingie – everything is still the same, you know, daily notifications, instant notifications, weekly notifications, no notification at all thankyou very much…. but nothing. nada. which for the most part has probably been a good thing because i have not had a very good week. so no distracting blog mails. ( and not they are not in my spam folder)

    the most reason however, i am very annoyed with wordpress ( besides the fact that i vehemently opposed to them calling themselves happiness engineers) is that, because of the no notifications and my poor memory, i cant remember which of your posts i asked you this question, and consequently, I still don’t know how to diminutise your name in Dutch! Luce-tje!

    • oh and PS, i’ll make every effort to not ‘like’ your posts, but to come here again, as usual, and drop you a little note. I have some oolong with rosebuds tonight if you would like some tea…. πŸ™‚

      • Don’t worry, Debbie. Like is back and I don’t mind anymore. I have more relevant things to bother than this. And I know who is in my valuable community on the blogosphere, with or without comments and likes. You’re one of them. Thanks.
        Now, please, I’d love some tea! Sounds deli!

    • Wow, Debbie. You have much more to be upset with WP.
      In all fairness, I like WP and think that the happy engineer who helped me is not to blame. He is the messenger and tried to help me, although being unfortunate with the way he communicated the bad news. He might still be learning the drill of customer focus but he had good intentions.
      I’m upset with the developers because this is not the first and won’t be the last time that they have a need to change everything following a clearly poor implementation process and apparently having no time and communication plan in place.
      I had already answered your message about my name and think you never got it. I’ll look up to send it again. But there isn’t a lucetje as my name is French. But you can say lutje as my stepdaughter does or simply Lu as everyone else.
      The use of ‘tje’ is related to words that match well with it. There are no rules. The Dutch language is quite no-rules based.

      • I wondered what had happened to the little pop up that said ‘engineer’s proporting to be ‘happy’ were around to help me. i put it down t the time difference. i also pay for a premium subscription because i like the theme on my blog. no, i didnt get your earlier mail which i am sure you replied to because the mail notifications just stopped. ditto this morning. i had to remember where i commented last night to seek them out!!!!
        Okay, Lutje, Lu, or even Lulu it is! Us Aussies like to diminitize everything, especially the names of people we like. If a name already ends in ‘ie’ or ‘y’, we do this funny thing: Mary, Barry or Gary become Mezza, Bazza and Gazza.
        i dont know how to get my notifications coming back, just wait and presume the mysterious workings of the universe will sort it out when the universe deems me ready for wordpress comment notifications is my current plan. πŸ™‚

  10. I hope they respond to you with action and not just more emails. I’ve always felt like I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth trying to navigate WP and even my own blog. It’s complicated to me, so once there is a problem, I just make the WRONG choice and live with it. You inspire me to be more assertive.

    • I lost faith in this process. I don’t expect any positive result, actually. I am happy to have inspired you. Just think that it’s your right to ask for the services you’re entitled to. No one is doing any favor to you and you will be just asking for what you deserve.
      WP is a business and needs to be managed professionally. Customer services is at the heart of a business and to neglect it is suicide. So go ahead and be assertive.

  11. This is why I’m hesitant to upgrade to a paid blog – because I don’t know if I’d get support if I had a problem. Reading the forums, some of the responses are actually shockingly rude, at least to my customer service oriented mind. Considering that my blog is currently free, I’m very happy with what I get for free and I’ve recommended WP to my friends. But just from a business point of view some things seem a bit strange sometimes. If I knew I could trust that I’d get online support when needed (for e.g. billing questions and other important issues), living outside of the US, I might even be willing to pay a bit to get some extra features, my own domain etc. But I haven’t yet been convinced. Anyway, regarding the buttons, I recently experienced the opposite: I noticed that the reblog button had appeared on my posts though I’d specifically removed it. In my settings, I’ve ticked the box for “don’t show reblog button” but nevertheless, there it is.

    • Well, if you ate happy with your theme and needs nothing extra on customization, stick to what you have. I am under the impression that they are going through so many changes on an ongoing basis and uncoordinated way and we are the ones to suffer the consequences.
      I like to blog here and would not have any interest to leave but these issues are recurring too often and the customer attention is deteriorating. They’re US centric although they sell the business as global.
      Thanks for sharing your story. It helps all of us to know what’s going on.

  12. Oh Lucille, this is so disappointing for WP Premium customers. I did notice some blogs did not have the re-blog button and wondered why. I know M-R a blogger from Sydney, Australia, experienced endless frustration at the WP Customer service, or the lack thereof! It is such a shame it could not be resolved quickly, and I can’t understand why a business that is so customer oriented, should not be attending to the wishes of it clientele! As another commenter said, “Madness!”

  13. Well, I just liked this because I could, but I don’t much like it. πŸ™‚ I don’t have the energy to tackle these guys, Lucile, so I’m very happy to be lazy and let you do it for me.

  14. My blood boiled as I looked at that long fruitless string of messages. I WAS happy to see your Like button back (and had just commented on it in another post!), but it’s ridiculous that you had to put it back to solve a totally different problem.

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