Week 43: Wrap up Photo101 Rehab

Last year, after completing the Photo101 course, I opened the Photo Rehab Event in this blog, a ‘healing clinic’, for all of us who love photography (hobbyists, amateurs, pro-shooters and enthusiasts) who missed the course and daily interaction with other photobloggers.

I’m thrilled to share with you the arrival of new “patients” every week and the honor to share their photos as well as those from the current ones. I am grateful for all support given by submitting entries and /or visiting the blogs of the participants.

The Photo Rehab is truly a great community to share photos, learn new techniques, discover new talents, and connect. Sharing and learning from each other is the best way to strengthen the community of photobloggers.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to virtually travel around the world and see its beauty from new and diverse angles and perspectives. On this note, this week’s featured image is from Lisa Dorenfest at One Ocean at a Time. Lisa’s captures of Australia landscape and wallabies are the best example of seeing beauty beyond the lens, and appreciating it with awe-inspired eyes, what perhaps became a common view for the locals.

Now it’s wrap up time!

You will see this week’s latest pictures, but I encourage you to follow the links below to visit the blogs of all ‘patients’!  Every photo has been linked to the blogs, so that you can see much more from their work. Don’t miss to visit them!

The stage is theirs!

Another Life in London just joined the Photo Rehab! Please feel welcome! What a wonderful surprise to hear that she makes mainly film photography! She is now sharing the series By The Sea! Enjoy and visit her blog!

Nalinki at Angles and Views melted my heart with all pumpkins she brought this week. I simply love all pumpkin! But she didn’t stop there, as the fall images arrested my heart!

Andy Townend shares again his monochrome mastery on Project 365 mobile. Congratulations to him for being featured by WordPress.

BadFish found the four ways to be careful when traveling…actually just three…but he brought more than four exquisite images to show what ‘careful’ means. They range from the ingenuity of the Incas in Machu Picchu, to delicate henna hands and lace flowers sold as offerings to temple worshipers in Pune, india…I’m partial to the images of Amsterdam and the Iguazu falls, though…

Katie at Drawing with Light just joined the Imagecraft Bootcamp hosted by Mitch Zeissler at this blog’s Photo Rehab as well as his site. Feel welcome, Katie! And thanks for sharing such beautiful high and low key images.

Mitch Zeissler’s at Exploratorius makes the most of Autumn as seen in this fabulous gallery with breathtaking photos.

Desley at Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist, the so-called Ninja, Queen and Empress of macro photography, went all the way to Spring this week, as a gift to those living in the northern hemisphere. And she made not only exquisite photos but introduces us to “Plumbago”, Butterfly Flower, Dhalias, and amazing roses. This rose starts as a yellow bud and then opens with pink tips on the petal. As it matures, it turns completely pink!

Lisa Dorenfest from One Ocean at a Time is back after leaving New Caledonia en route to Australia. And what an inspiring and stunning set of photos and narrative she shared with us this time! Visit her blog to know about her next steps!

A warm re-welcome to Amy at Playing with My DSLR Camera and this week’s Project 365 project. She uses this project to perfect editing, and she proves her mastery, as all these images were taken facing the light source. With Lightroom she restored the detail in the underexposed parts. Perfect.

Terri at Perspectives on careful selection for WP challenge is here for our enjoyment. She also showed how  extraordinary has been the drought in California. Let’s go and have a coffee with Terri and a delightful. Don’t you love these puppies posing on the bench?

Perelincolors has masterfully brought an image, that she otherwise would have rejected, to new heights, after editing it with Mitch Zeissler’s guidance at Imagecraft Bootcamp.


The Snow Melts somewhere also deserves a warm welcome to the Photo Rehab! She is sharing breathtaking photos of Cerro Alto, Bariloche in Argentina, but if you visit her blog you will be amazed with her travel photography in Patagonia, Caribbean, Europe and South America! Worth visiting!

Janet at This, That and The Other Thing shares once more simplicity but you will agree with me, that these images are simply stunning.

Sankara at The Pixels from the Soul dog has a tender expression which captivated me. The message is clear, street dogs are not ordinary and should not be treated like that.


Gun from Rantings of a Third Kind made me jealous of her Monday morning sunrise image from her office! No wonder that her photo was featured. If I get this view,  I will apply for a job in Finland! 😉

Witch with a View shares a stunning Silent Sunday image. Enjoy it! Joining me in warmly welcoming him to the Photo Rehab!

Thank you everyone for bringing breathtaking, insightful, fun images entries!

If you didn’t see your photos here, apologies. I used all links to my blog, tags on the reader or entries to InLinkz. Make sure to add them there next time and let me know if it didn’t work. 

You can visit all other photos of all patients here: Photo Rehab 


Time: The Clinic is open 24 x 7

Camera: You can use any camera, from DSLR, mirrorless, compact, to smartphones.

Theme: Bring your creativity and photograph a theme of your liking in B&W or Color. With or without edition. We like learning techniques as well, if you want to share it with everyone.

Who can join: Anyone can join. All you need is passion. Passion to speak up through images – or words, if you may want to add your thoughts to it as well – showing what you see and how much that is important to you.

You can do a self-examination. If you detect any of the following symptoms, as carefully described by Albert from the blog Trigger Happy, come and join us: “Withdrawal symptoms may include the incessant need to carry your camera everywhere with you, the need to wake up in the wee hours to take photos during the golden hour, and checking up on others you met during the course to see what their newfound knowledge has brought fruit to.”

How does it work:

  1. Shoot a photo.
  2. Prepare your post and publish it. Remember to add a link/Pingback to or any of my posts and to use the tag #PhotoRehab or #Photo101Rehab, so that we can find your post in the WP reader.
  3. Alternatively you can also add your photo to the link provided below. In this way, you expose your photo to the other participants and to the overall audience of the Photo Rehab. This is the best way for your photos to be seen. 
  4. Here is the link to add your photos. Knock the wall of the Clinic… and click on the image below:

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

36 thoughts on “Week 43: Wrap up Photo101 Rehab

  1. Now you’ve made me cross! 😦 I was paying a flying visit and thinking how beautiful your posts are but now I have so many superb people to visit that I’ll have to come back another day! Have a great week, Lucile 🙂


    1. So sorry to disappoint you, Jo! But it’s their fault to bring their talent every week here! I’m afraid you’ll need to come back many times.
      Thanks for your lovely comment and support.
      Have a fabulous week! 😀


  2. As I said in response to your comment on my post, I was honored that you had featured my image with such a complimentary, thoughtful narrative. Then I came to this post to see the work of other ‘patients’ this week and was absolutely blown away by the submissions. Now I am silenced. Thank you Lucile!


  3. Beautiful submissions again this week. I’m happy to be back with this group of fabulous photographers. I intend to make more of an effort to keep contributing regularly. Thanks for hosting!


  4. Thanks for the mention and the warm welcome! These weekly wrap-ups of yours are great because you get to see everyone’s pics and wow, they are all so stunning! I keep clicking on the links and wondering around new blogs 🙂 which is fun. Have a happy Sunday!


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