Writing201: Poetry Day 7-10

It has been lots of fun and hard work to follow WP Writing201 course on Poetry.

Sadly, I couldn’t follow the last days of the course. Here goes day 7-10 assignments.

Let me know what you think.

And thanks for reading.

Day 10: Pleasure. Sonnet. Apostrophe.

From the tantalizing to the satisfyingly sober, have your poems convey a sense of pleasure today. (Or, if you wish to keep it dark anyway, write about the lack of or longing for that sort of feeling.)

Shall I compare poetry to life’s path?

When we crawl and take small steps

Making haikus with alliteration just right

Short and strong, triumphant stanzas


Learning the language of poetry too fast

Acrostic, similes, rhymed prose and limericks

Speaking from our hearts at last

Is like life’s hurdles, thinning our skins


Imperfects is life’s map and sight

Without chiasmus and enjambment strophes

Neither an ode nor metaphor, as a guiding light

Memories of ballads and elegies with assonant verses


Life rhymed without poetry has no shade

Cold and concrete, waiting to fade


Day 9: Cold, Concrete Poem, Anaphora/Epistrophe.

As temperatures begin to drop in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s focus our attention today on “cold,” and whatever that word evokes in you.

From wintry weather to emotional aloofness to the fun you had during your heyday as a teen figure skating champion, write a poem that will send chills down our spines (literally or not).

I miss the warmth of summer. The taste of an ice cream

I miss the roar of sea waves. The taste of salty wind

I miss the vistas of crests and rivers. The taste of fresh water

I miss the smell of fresh berries. The taste of baked cake

Memories of summer frozen cold in my heart.

All my heart-warming memories


Day 8: Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio. Make today’s poem about one flavor and why it matters to you.

I chose the flavor of Saint James Rum from Martinique, as a bitter memory. Years ago, when I had friends for dinner, I made a mistake to prepare a risotto not with white wine but rum. Ok, I’m a creative cook but that was trying to become Salvador Dali of the kitchen, as the taste was surreal. It didn’t work but fortunately the risotto was only the second course and better food followed as well as wine to erase all bad memories.

One day after the surreal dinner, we heard news that the couple who dined with us decided to divorce. Until this day, I hear jokes that my rum and risotto combo is to blame.  So, I added rum to my bitter memories box, where already lives a bad one, of the day I drank alcohol for the first time and disliked it; the Cubra Libre cocktail of rum and coke.

Here is my poem:

Long gone is Saint James and

The joy of marriage

A clash of Caribbean rum and risotto

Blended with mismatched lovers

Bitterly falling down and apart

A wasted meal and a starved love


Day 7: Neighborhood. Ballad. Assonance. What do you think about when you think about your neighborhood? Whether it’s your block, a favorite store or coffeeshop, or just a general sense of community (or lack thereof), keep today’s poem local, within the radius of a leisurely stroll from your home.

Thundering sounds and roaring voices

Echo in my ears, I just hear

Apocalypse and Armageddon

Through my window, I look for spooks

This is too tough, is just rough

I’m not dreaming, it’s f*** serious

Brand new skates and nasty teens

Jumpin’ off boards, there comes the horde

There are no aliens, nor outsiders

Just my neighbors, and the Ollie trick

They woke the dead and I am mad

This is too tough, is just rough

I’m not dreaming, it’s f*** serious


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31 thoughts on “Writing201: Poetry Day 7-10

  1. I love the first one, and the second one’s my second favourite. They’re all good though. Making a poem about poetry seems delightfully ironic to me. 🙂


  2. My Dear Lucile,

    You are a poet
    But did not know it
    Writing is now the inspiration
    Without much hesitation
    You will be very great
    And there is no debate
    Do continue with this essential
    With your new found potential
    We will follow
    Where ever you lead us
    Thanks again for sharing
    This marvellous gift in flaring

    All my best,
    Your friend in poetry


    1. My dear Nila, I’m grateful and overwhelmed by your beautiful poetry. What a heartwarming surprise. You touched me so much with that.
      Thank you so much for being so nice and considerate.
      Your friend in poetry and photography.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. All of them so well written!
    My Salutations!
    Inspirations come from the inspired.
    Those make others Inspired.
    They in return get Inspired.
    It becomes Inspiration & Inspiration & Inspiration.
    I have dedicated my latest Post to you Too.
    Do read “MY 100”
    Love to You.


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