Writing 201 Day 6: Faces. Found Poetry. Chiasmus.

I had once a safe roof

Where faceless barbarians, bombed my land

I trusted smugglers, selling a dreamland

Having no way, to ask for proof


Fighting for life, I found a way

Caring for nothing, I ran away

Trusting the dinghy, found a safe shore

Walking for miles, I felt so sore


I crossed fences; I needed a chance

Not expecting to find mischance

Am I a prisoner?

Or a war survivor?


I left my motherland but

motherland didn’t leave me

I’m running away from my dreamland and

my dreamland is running away from me


Fear kicks in hate

Hate kicks in fear

Humanity breaks into silence

Silence is breaking humanity


Fear kicks in hate

Hate kicks in fear

Human sense is long gone

I long for humans to make sense


I joined Writing 201: Poetry.

Today’s assignment from Ben Huberman: The word prompt is Faces. For those ready to make their lives a bit more complicated (but also more rewarding, perhaps?), we’ll explore found poetry, a collage-like form of poetic writing, as well as one of my favorite poetic devices, the challenging (but not overly challenging) chiasmus.

For the Found Poetry I took 10 words from ten pages of a book and ended with these:

Expected. Blurry. Life. Roof. Running. Careful. Kicked in. Going. Into. Broken.

They made me think of the current refugees crisis in Europe. I wrote as if I was one of them.

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60 thoughts on “Writing 201 Day 6: Faces. Found Poetry. Chiasmus.

  1. I don’t know this form, but happy it has been introduced. You did a lovely job sharing your view of the middle wast and what they are going through.


    1. Seriously? That’s a great compliment. You’re the poet I admire and your opinion means a lot. I had no plan to write about refugees but the words just felt right. I had written already but not a poem ;-).
      You just put a giant smile on my face. I can go to bed! Lol

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  2. Way to put into words what is happening. Stepping into the shoes of others, I can only imagine what it feels like to leave all behind. Absolutely eye tearing stuff Lucile!
    Keep going! You’re a real poet my dear!


    1. Nilla, you’re so considerate. I’m truly honored and grateful for your comment for you’re a real poet whereas I’m just giving it a try and feeling unease. Not sure if I’ll continue after the course. Nevertheless, your encouragement means a lot. Thanks.

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      1. I really think you should continue, you are a natural Lucile! As for myself, I just love to put my minds flow “on to paper” and call it poetry πŸ˜‰ Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it feels good, which is the most important thing for me. So please, do continue!


  3. Lucile, I had exactly the same image in my mind as I read your fabulous poem… What a powerful and meaningful poem… That you for sharing with us!


  4. I love the lines about dreamland! You did make chiasmus work! Good job! Such a deep subject matter too! Very moving! That’s a lot of exclamation marks, but I meant it.


  5. Wow. You made this! I love this idea of found poetry but I had no idea that was what you had done until the end. Excellent work, you are certainly finding your poetic feet my dear X.


  6. You joined the poetry 201 as well?!! Awesome.
    I like the rhyming endings and the use of almost same words in different order to convey a deeper meaning. I am not a poet and not much of a poetry admirer, but i like these kinds of things in a poetry


  7. A moving piece. It’s a good talent for a writer to have – to put yourself in others; aces. You’re good at it.


        1. Very true. We cannot despair. What worries me now the most is the reaction of Europeans citizens, who are becoming increasingly contrarian to the idea of helping refugees. I’ve seen stupid things happening here in Holland. Even the government is not united on the subject. People are losing interest and not helping.

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          1. I think we forget things so fast these days. Our attention spans are very short. We have a lot of controversy here with immigrants. Like your poem says, it has to do with fear. I do think governments could do more by taking the lead.


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