Not Just Another Leaf

I shot this tiny dead leaf (around 2cm) that fell on a marble table, where I was working this morning. I used the app camera+ on my iphone5.



I am joining Lens and Pens by Sally, who hosts each Monday the Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. The schedule theme for this week’s challenge is: Macro


 I am also submitting this photo to Mundane Monday Challenge from Trablogger. This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. It has been mentioned by WordPress Dailypost as one of the Five Community Events for Photo Fans.  Don’t miss it!

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Sharing my views and experiences with words and photos - taken with diverse angles - influenced by the multicultural countries I have lived and worked. I studied Psychology and have an MBA. After working for corporates, I became an entrepreneur and consultant. Cycling, hiking, windsurfing, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photographing, are no longer just hobbies listed in a resume.

35 thoughts on “Not Just Another Leaf

  1. When you are a photography enthusiast and blogger, these kind of things happen. When a leaf falls, you take a picture and start to ponder over it and you end up finding newer perspectives. Glad you joined the MM challenge 🙂


  2. I get a sense of elegance and softness from the first shot you shared. The detail captured in the leaf are very equisite indeed very beautiful. I must say I love the second shot you get traces of the grain from the marble and a stunning refelction adding another dimension to the leaf and the blurred background bringing more attention to the leaf itself. Very nice shot especially with a camera phone, haven’t exactly put mine to work yet.


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