Tech of the month: Fill the whole picture

Hi again, here is another post from perelincolors for Lucile’s Photo Rehab. I want to dedicate this month to image composition, and in particular to one of my most favourite styles.

Photos are often composed to achieve a harmonic balance between the area filled by the image’s subject and those areas that are ’empty’ and contain no information. The subject in the image below is the church, and the empty space is the region formed by the sky – while the sky forms a beautiful blue background, it adds little or no information about the church.


By getting closer or zooming in, we can fill the whole frame with the subject, and thereby include many details, add a certain level of abstraction or create a sense of proximity.

This month, Lucile and I invite you to eliminate all empty space from your pictures, to get close and to fill the whole picture with whatever subject you come across. Post your pictures with a link to this post and submit them to Lucile’s Photo Rehab to share your results with us.

Last month, we looked into manual camera settings, and two of us were brave enough to tamper with the ISO setting:

Lucile de Godoy: Dumplings, Yoga teacher, boats and a wheel
perelincolors: Lunar Eclipse

PS: If you have been following my blog for a while, you might have noticed that I did not have the time to take new pictures for this post. The ones shown here are from our trips to Vietnam, Nepal, China and Italy. So, I guess, .. I will have to participate in the challenge and get out to take a few new pictures!


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14 thoughts on “Tech of the month: Fill the whole picture

  1. Such a good idea!
    (Hahaha, I like the Duomo of Milan….)
    Lucile , I have been ill and couldn’t follow the blogs , but , little by little, I’m going to see them all even if I won’t be able to comment….


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