Writing 201 Day 4: Imperfection. Limerick. Enjambment.

This week has been tough for two friends who lost their jobs, through a disrespectful and unfair process.

I thought of them when doing this assignment.

Just Fired I

They told him to go away,

and swallow the dirty play.

He cannot accept why

is he Mr. imperfect now.

Sad story, déja-vu, lost self in hallway.


Just Fired II

The mistake is not

yours, so please just untie the knot.

Never forget, though,

businessmen have no souls.

Can’t see the humans for the snot.


On Losses

You can cry and feel bad.

I am not saying don’t feel sad,

‘cos I know, yes, you’re human,

and perfectly imperfect, but

you, are not dead.


On Being Right

Being happy or being right,

doesn’t happen without a fight.

Bloody hell we just

proved, imperfection in prose

and verse. Right?

I know I got a bit carried away doing this. One was enough but I decided to dedicate the last one to my headache.


This headache is killing me.

Am I nuts, or imperfect me?

Snubbing painkillers,

and sucking,

what’s left of me.

I joined Writing 201: Poetry.

Today’s assignment: write a poem about the imperfect nature of someone or something. The form is Limerick and the device is Enjambment.

35 thoughts on “Writing 201 Day 4: Imperfection. Limerick. Enjambment.

  1. ah, your enjambments are great, the effect was just as ben described. oh, and ‘perfectly imperfect’ is a description I love to use for humans too 🙂

  2. Just realised I instinctively hit a ‘Like’ button there! Enjoyed the post and love the way these poetic devices are known by French names – enjambement – c’est parfait !

        • I am a human resources professional, so I have been involved in countless restructuring and reorganization processes, which made me experience enough mismanagement. I could write a book about the human capacity to mistreat others, unfortunately.
          Your husband knows it well. Most of the times it results in no increased productivity but just cost reduction, as the remaining ones are distressed, suspicious and at times also disgruntled; so who can work well in teams like that?

          • The irony is that he too is a HR professional so first had to carry out all the restructures etc for the rest of the staff in the region before their HR team underwent the same. It’s as if head office gets bored one day and eh, let’s try this out instead! Again and again. Tough for everyone involved. At least he tried to keep everyone up to date, my friend working for a local council had no idea what was going on!

            • What a coincidence! We are HR buddies. Say hello to him!
              I totally relate to these situations.
              We have a tough job in between management and employees, trying to make sense of things for both sides.

  3. These are quite amusing but also have that sour taste of cynicism which works so well with the subject. Well done. And sorry to hear about your headache – that’s not good!! Xx

  4. But what is a man or woman
    if not defined by a position
    How little of value or worth
    Sometimes even defined by birth
    If life is only worth the job you do
    Then truly it is time for feeling sad and blue

    … That being said…
    Excellent post Lucile, you really have the knack for poetry and then some!

    Of course it is always bad to loose ones job, but the quote of the doors closing and opening is often true. All my best wishes for your friends Lucile!

    “If no one died in the elevator, we are good!”

    • It’s easier for me to speak about it because the pain is theirs. But I know this pain to well as I had my losses to teach me how to handle new ones. So giving up is not an option, indeed! Thanks!

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