When I shot the (unedited) images that you are going to see next, you may relate to images of our galaxy or to a microscopic view of our body cells. No, I am not an astronaut nor a scientist…

I shot these at home. These are water droplets on a spider’s net, resting in the gutter of a roof terrace. What was I doing there? Enjoying and shooting the sunrise.

Either way, these images share distinctive features. Whilst being connected, droplets are individually positioned, and the spider web provides the boundaries for the existence of their uniqueness. And even the solitary leaf has made room for itself, connecting and supporting  the web structure.







These are the beautiful words of Ben Huberman, editor at WordPress, when proposing the Weekly Photo Challenge:  “Boundaries impose limits on us, whether they’re social constructs or real, physical objects β€” like the security rail seen below, separating ferry passengers from the icy waters of the Strait of Georgia. They’re there to stop us from doing or saying what we actually want to. But they also give structure to our actions and frame our movements. In photography, they help our eyes make sense of what we see and convey a sense of visual narrative. They constantly invite us to push against them.”

Posting for WP Photo Challenge: Boundaries

73 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. …another suject matter that seems to lend itself to making many pictures because they will always be different from one another. I am fascinated biy this kind of variation (even more so if it includes boundaries). And I love the coloured leaves!

    • Very true. I made many pictures exploring the different angles, and could keep shooting there forever. I shot one which made me immediately think of your photos. It is the one of the leaf, but also including the wood around the gutter, like a frame for a painting.
      I am happy that you liked it. Thanks.

    • Just perfect light, and a macro lens with a superb aperture, Britta. I was afraid it wouldn’t be sharp as I shot manual and had no tripod, but it turned fine.
      I’m grateful for your kind comment. It means a lot. Thanks.

        • Granted. I happily accept your praise. Thanks.
          You perhaps don’t know, Britta, but the Dutch culture has a very strong characteristic, and even a saying to strengthen its meaning. It goes like that: Doe maar gewoon. Or you can also say: Doe normaal. What is the meaning? Simply states that one is expected to do their best, as a normal behavior, with no need for praise or show off. So, getting compliments is often unsettling.
          I’ve been assimilated! Lol

          • you’re not showing off dear Lucetje – you never could! btw i googled diminutives in dutch, and in the whole list of many names, not a Lucille in site – is this the correct use? can one diminitize your name by saying “Lucetje”? in Dutch? if not, how would one say it? πŸ™‚

  2. Just a quick note to say I now wish you still had the Like button! So many days and weeks I want to let you know how much I like your photos, but I just don’t have time (or a unique comment that says something new!) to write something, especially because you post so much! Anyway, just checking in to say I often admire your photos, including these very cool water droplets!

    • Your quick note will remain a long time on my heart for it is very considerate and generous. I truly appreciate it. You really don’t need to write anything and this comment will stay forever.
      I’m using the like button occasionally for photos and just need to use it more often.
      Heartfelt thanks!

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