Photo101 Rehab hosts Available Light: From dusk till dawn

September has passed so quickly. Leaves are covering the streets. The days are getting shorter giving us lots of new opportunities to experiment with difficult light conditions. Welcome back, to Lucile and my (Nalinki) Available Light photo series.

When I was in Iceland end of January, it was freezing cold, but the light was perfect for shooting. Blueish cold light in the morning, red warm light at sun set.

availablelight1 (3) availablelight1 (2)

Sunrise was late (around 10:00), so we did not even need to behave like early birds (which was great luck for me). I had plenty of time taking pictures of the first rays in the morning without any need to hurry. The sky was dark blue and I had to use a high ISO and open aperture for my pictures. I set the white balance manually to capture the cold atmosphere.

availablelight1 (4) availablelight1 (5)

In the late afternoon, the light changed again as the red parts increased. The frozen landscape steaming at various areas as the grounds was heated from below, started glowing in orange and red light.

availablelight1 (1) availablelight1 (6)

White balance is key for capturing the right atmosphere. Most cameras have auto white balance settings as well as some pre-settings like daylight, candle light, cloudy. But, to my opinion, playing around with white balance is worth the effort. Either you carry a white card with you, or you take some shots with different settings to simply try it out.

If you want to join and show your dusk or dawn pictures, tag your post with #availablelightrehab. Cheers, yours Nalinki!

11 thoughts on “Photo101 Rehab hosts Available Light: From dusk till dawn

  1. This is some really nice work. The photo of the church with the beautiful wooden door and the magnificent mountains in the background is my favorite. I’ve said this to you before, but I must repeat: I am chomping at the bit to get my digital camera and be able to share images on Pinterest, Facebook and my blog.

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