Imagecraft Bootcamp: Low-Key

This week’s challenge is Low-Key images, for the Imagecraft Bootcamp hosted by Mitch Zeissler at Exploratorius and this site.

Last week I practiced High-Key and enjoyed it. High key sounded easier, for I have experimented with it for a while, just because I like dramatic photos. But I haven’t yet dared to go all the way to darkness, as I did today…

First, I worked on the original image, shot with my Olympus E-M10 (mirrorless).



The first step was to go to Lightroom and make some adjustments before converting it to B&W and I got this image.



Next I made these adjustments in the tone curve:

Highlights: -19

Lights: -100

Darks: -65

Shadows: -100

I wasn’t happy with it yet. But after looking at Lisa’s post at Gray Days and Coffee’s and at her stunning entry, I dared to use the adjustment brush to increase exposure and lighten up the amazing eyes of this kid; because this what I most love about this image. And here it is:



38 thoughts on “Imagecraft Bootcamp: Low-Key

  1. Really lovely shot. It appears that my WP unfollowed you which explains why I haven’t seen your posts. I thought you weren’t posting much. Good grief and heavens above, how disastrous.

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