What is Inspiration?


While talking to a friend about inspiration, I said something like what I wrote above. Actually, I really meant it. And in this way, I wrote my quote for the first time for Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday!

I was saying that to my friend but it also served me well. Most of the times, it’s when I’m not satisfied or happy that I have the best ideas – provided that I don’t let myself be dragged down by dissatisfaction – and look for other alternatives and ways to get what I want.

That’s when I’m surprised by the limitless possibilities that are available to me, and which I wouldn’t have noticed, had I been so satisfied and happy with what I had before.

I’m in no way trying to advocate that suffering is good. I hate it too. I’m simply saying that it’s inevitable. But we can make it work for us, instead of against us, by using its (negative) energy to help us to move on. How? Accepting the reality and going ahead to the next steps of our lives. When I don’t accept a reality that I don’t like, I’m just giving it a license to exist, perpetuate itself and become my future too.

What all of this has to do with inspiration? What I can share with you from experience is that the moment I allow myself to think about, instead of ‘nurture’ my down moments, is the time when I see more than what I had perceived from my situation. Only then I see positive thoughts and energy back in. That is what I call inspiration… when I’m able to see or give new meaning, even to the same situation.

By the way, the background of this quote is the result of a failed photo, shot on manual and underexposed. I had a black image. I played with it by editing just for fun (increased exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.) and it went from black to a beautiful green abstract. I put an extra layer on it of a flower pattern, and also put text on it. It acquired a new meaning!  Et voilà, my failure is no more.

I hope to do the same also with my life’s failures.

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

20 thoughts on “What is Inspiration?

  1. Lucile, we can learn (and be inspired) by both good and bad things. Einstein pointed out that failures are a chance to learn and bring us closer to our goal, sometimes a goal we don’t even realize we have. I, too, have “failed” photos that I’ve used as something else. And at my “new” job (closing in on 8 months), the failures I’ve had are chances to learn and get it right, or more than right, the next time.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



    1. Thanks for the wise and insightful words, Janet. Food for thought.
      It’s always rewarding to learn from each other and acknowledge that we all make mistakes and sometimes need them to grow.
      Heartfelt thanks.


  2. I love that you rebooted an image for your quote! I think that without recognizing and even embracing our failures, we are living unrealistically. I said to a boss once that every failure is an opportunity for success – we can learn from what went wrong and turn that around for the future and do something right. And I honestly believe that. Thanks for sharing your lovely quote here X.


    1. The rebooting is inspired by the queen and empress DJ!
      Wise words, my friend! Experience teaches us that everyday while some cultures keep denying it and emphasizing the need for a perfection that doesn’t exist and just creates frustration and unfairness. The failure is in fact, to try to be perfect.
      Thank you so much for sharing your insights.


  3. Lucile, this is just an amazing quote! Suffering is inevitable! You are so right to say that when we push the negativity away we suddenly open up the world to possibilities. We clear the veil from our eyes! Superb! Loved this quote. ❤


  4. You mentioned suffering in your post. Yes, suffering sucks, but it really does force us to be creative, perhaps more so than any other time. We can’t “coast” in times of suffering, we’ve got to step up and take action. Also… a lot of really great music, writing, and art has come from suffering.


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