Literal Grid

This is DP’s Photo Challenge theme from Michelle Webber: “We often superimpose a mental grid over things we photograph to help with composition. This week, letโ€™s go literal.”

Just coincidentally, yesterday I had shot the new grid of Amsterdam Central Station’s roof. It reads Amsterdam. If I ever get a chance, I will shoot it from a helicopter! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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56 thoughts on “Literal Grid

  1. Such a cool roof! I can see the letters written in the panes. Wow it would be great to take this shot by helicopter! Your pics from the ground are lovely indeed!
    Happy weekend!


    1. Hey Debbie! Good to see you around because the Cafe is closed again today! I’m very sad.
      I do love when this happens. It has happened already a few times, so I make jokes at home saying that I have a sense of foresight…
      Have a great new week!


  2. I am so in love with these images and think it would be so cool if you could complete the set from the air in a helicopter. Everything makes them wonderful – the subject, the angles, the colors, the perfect sky as a backdrop. I said ‘Wow’ to myself the moment I saw these. I am desperately searching for a grid here in Fiji but may come up short. Still have a bit of time though..I am on a mission but I don’t think anything I come up with will be as cool as this!


    1. Whist I’m happy and humbled by your lovely words, I truly think that this was way too easy a subject to shoot, because the roof structure is inviting to shoot from all angles you can think of; the design is beautiful; the colors are vibrant; and the sun was shining! And I was lucky to have done it and able to use it for the theme.
      What is really a challenge is to be in Fiji, surrounded by sea and stunning open sights, and find a grid to shoot. And I am sure you will come up with something, if you don’t look for one but invent one. Just a thought. You have a skilled eye to find and capture beauty, so perhaps you could jus put a frame in front of of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Oh, gecko poop. Now I have one more thing to do in Amsterdam. First, the bridge, now shoot the train station canopy. This is a lovely capture…nice angles, lines. And of course, colors.


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