Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice

It is summer and I am enjoying every opportunity to ride my race bike. It is about enjoying endurance sports and relaxation, as contradictory as it seems, because I choose scenic destinations along the water or through the farm fields, close to Mother Nature, as it is extremely relaxing.

And for that my choice for today’s challenge is Still Life.

I left Amsterdam heading north through Waterland, an environmentally protected area, which offers a cycle path along the Ij lake. From there I went through the farms crossing some villages and returned to the path along the water.

I stopped at a familiar place, which is always empty, where I usually stop before heading back home, to enjoy the sight of the Marken lake. This time I wasn’t alone as I saw people sunbathing and several windsurfers taking advantage of a day with wind force 20-26 knots. I surely felt its power while going up north against the wind.

I stayed there for a long time watching the surfers and wishing I had been doing the same. I wasn’t alone admiring them.

As the wind got stronger I left the place, not forgetting to stop 6 km later to buy organic ice-cream from a lovely 80 years old farmer.

It was another beautiful and relaxing day.


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I am joining Lens and Pens by Sally, who hosts each Monday the Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. 

Shot with an iPhone5.

The schedule theme for this week’s challenge is: Challenger’s Choice


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41 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice

  1. ‘Still Life’ is a wonderful choice for the challenge. Absolute tranquility with gorgeous colors and a beautiful boat. And the gallery holds so many treats. Loved the action of the windsurfers and the contrasts in your street photo of the woman against the maroon door. Excellent. So nice to see you having a lovely summer.


    1. That woman is the 80 y/o farmer who sees ice creams during summer time to the bikers who ride along her land.
      I love this route, Lisa. It is blissful. And summer has been amazingly summery! LOL. We are not believing this.
      Unfortunately just after all Tall Ships left the harbor, and the event ended, stormy weather arrived and will stay the whole week. But we need some rest after some very fun-busy and warm days.
      Thanks for your lovely comment, Lisa.


  2. We’re experiencing high winds today, too, Lucile. Not sure if my husband’s bike group will be riding tonight or not. Chicago is notorious for its wind and it can make biking rather difficult. Thanks for sharing these wonderful views. Just wish I could have the ice cream as well. 🙂



    1. Well,as I understood, your husband is a pro biker and they are fearless! I am careful about strong winds and refer to ride at maximum 16 knots. I have once broke a vertebra in my neck and for that, riding against the wind causes unnecessary pain.
      I am happy you liked the views. I love this route and do it very often, I must confess that the ice cream is a bonus at the end!
      If I could I would send some to you!


  3. So relaxing.. Happy to see that you can enjoy this beautiful Indian Summer. The tourist Office should definitely pay you for your beautiful posts, one can tell how much you like it there:) Thanks again for sharing!


      1. This week in the island of Bantayan was so blissful. It’s winter, but you have to pronounce it with a local accent, which means it’s 27C 😉 last typhoon totally re shaped the beach and its like discovering a new place. There’s no tourist, the beach is all ours, no better place to try yoga and practice mindfulness 😉 so? You re finally coming ??! xxx


        1. I have seen your blissful IG photos! I am so jealous (in a god way)! Winter 27 C is just perfect! And your description is the equivalent of heaven and paradise! I gotta go packing and head to the airport!
          Our Indian summer is over and it has been raining as always!

          Liked by 1 person

        1. My cousin was in Amsterdam last month after also visiting Finland, where he did his junior year as an exchange student…he had not seen your red bridge. I showed him some other photos on your blog (and of course, bragged that you are my friend) and he recognized several of the places. Cool, huh?


    1. Isn’t that great? And she loves a chatting. Every time I go there I factor some time for a small talk with her. She is very funny. Pity that the weather is starting to change and her ice cream business will end. Throughout the year she sells milk and butter, though.


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