Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #8

It is again my turn to polish up my creativity and make our version of the Cover Makeover Challenge. Desley and I take turns to make the wrap up, propose the new theme and create our own version.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please hurry up and check Desley’s post on last week’s wrap up, as there you can see all entries of the participants, as well as the new theme for the Cover Makeover #8! 

This week we go for a favorite of many, Stephen King and his book The Green Mile.

And here is the original cover.



 Here is my version:


I had no photo of a penitentiary, except for this one from Dachau Concentration camp in Germany.

I cropped the photo on LR and converted to B&W. Then I used a high structure and high contrast filter in Silver Efex pro 2 to give it a dramatic effect.

I added text using Pixrl editor as Photoshop was too complex for me today.

What did you think?

So, now it is your turn to use your imagination and creativity. Would you like to join the challenge?  Go there for this week’s instructions! The link is above.



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26 thoughts on “Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #8

  1. Lucile! What an amazing book and movie you’ve chosen … The Green Mile is incredible..your cover is hauntingly intriguing and very poignant…and the black and white is a must!:)
    I’m really enjoying everyone’s creativity in these covers!


    1. Lia, when Desley chose this book or movie, as I have seen the movie before, the (haunting) memory of a certain scene popped up in my mind!
      I decided to go for the only photo I had to work on the theme and I am happy you liked it.
      The challengers are doing such a fabulous job here!


  2. I’m impressed, Lucile! The original cover needed no improvement. Your cover invokes the same feeling but with less horror and more sadness. I am familiar with this book (unlike other cover challenges) and you captured its message perfectly!


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