Week 33: Wrap up Photo101 Rehab

The Photo Rehab is a great community to share photos, learn new techniques, discover new talents, and connect.

Firstly, a warm welcome to the new members of the Photo Rehab: Mitch Zeissler from ExploratoriusSankara Jayant from the The Pixels of Soul, Susan Gutterman from Photoquest.  We also extend our warm welcome to Jennifer Nichole Wells and Sabina Ayne from Library of Cats, who recently joined the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge.  They are the new ‘patients’ of the Photo Rehab! So please check their blogs as well.

In December 2014, after completing the Photo101 course, I opened the Photo Rehab Event in this blog, a ‘healing clinic’, for all of us who love photography (hobbyists, amateurs, pro-shooters and enthusiasts) who missed the course and daily interaction with other photobloggers.

I am inspired by the photos shared within our community of photobloggers, and here you can see their skills translated into stunning images.

Here are the photos of week 33. At the bottom you find instructions on how to take part!

Now it’s wrap up time!  You will see this week’s latest pictures, but I encourage you to follow the links below to visit the blogs of all ‘patients’!  You won’t regret. You will find a mix of beautifully crafted images and words.

The stage is theirs!

Mitch Zeissler from Exploratorius brings a superior line up of photos for our appreciation: Collaboration for graphics for premier CD Poor Blues. Raku-fired Ceramic. Into the Abyss. A Bit Tart Yet.  Big Sky in the East. Autumn is Fast Upon Us. Water Spill at Colorado Mine. Implosion. Cheerful Hue of the Chicory Blue.  I am very sorry for having missed his tag on the Reader, as you and I missed to see outstanding photography. Apologies. I am a confessed fan of Mitch, an accomplished photographer, who I had the privilege to come across on the blogosphere. I learn everyday from his photographic genius. The Photo Rehab feels honored to host his photos, and to deserve his consideration. We all will gain so much by learning from his sensitive and experienced eyes!

The Pixels of Soul shares a magic image from a long train journey in India and an amazing shot of a sparrow basking in the morning sun. I added photos from earlier weeks found only today on the reader, which didn’t have a link to this blog. Apologies.

Susan from Photoquest captured a delightful taste of summer:  a kid eating nectarines at the farmers market.


Though she joined the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge only last week, Jennifer Nichole Wells didn’t waste time and submitted absolutely awe-inspiring entries for all earlier themes. You must check her blog. As her photos were not featured in the previous wrap ups of the challenge, I am bringing them here today.  For those who don’t know, Jennifer hosts the One Word Photo Challenge, which is a great way to use your creative juices.

Sabina Ayne from Library of Cats has also just joined the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge. See the beautiful book covers that she created!  So much creativity and skills!

Andy Townend response to Tech of the Month: Long Exposure is a work of art. Go there and learn what he did to get this exceptional result. He is a bit sad that he couldn’t do more and you need to read his post to know why. A lesson we all want to listen to. Andy shared some shots of his Project 365 Mobile too! Wow!

Books, Music, Photography and Movies submitted this entry weeks ago but the link never showed up in my blog. I found it only today on the Reader! Apologies.


Becky from Restart Urgently Needed spent hours watching shooting stars and making wishes. She has especially shared one of the shots and has given us a chance to make a wish too. I suggest to visit her blog as there you can see the photo better than here.


BadFish Out of Water decided to follow the opinion of his followers and is now wandering in Bali, and hopefully writing a new book: Eat, Pray and Chill!  Before leaving his peaceful house in Ubud, and venturing into the unknown, he sent some stunning shots of paradise.

Debbie from Deb’s World adventures met an angry bull and did very well to find a creepy face for WP Photo Challenge.

Desley from Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist  zooms in light effects, makes skilled macros and shares stunning results with us. And how about a ride with her at the Brisbane wheel shot with long exposure? Her latest experiments with light are a must-see.

Julia from My Red Page shares her beautiful interpretation of Foggy and Snow.

Perelincolors gives us the pleasure to enjoy her fabulous entries for Beneath the Feet WP Photo Challenge.

Janet from This, That and The Other Thing shares the meadows of her park walk which is now home to goldfinches, beautiful birds characterized by their mini-roller coaster flight patterns. She shows mastery to shoot them.

Just for a change, today I’m sharing some photos submitted to the Photo Rehab new features. Check the amazing tips and shots made by Perelincolors, who hosts Tech of the Month; Desley who hosts the Image Reboot; and Nalinki who hosts Available Light.

Perelincolors careful explanations on her Tech of the Month challenge, on how to make long exposure photos, gives us so much encouragement. Seeing her photos leads us to go out and start experimenting. If you want to learn how to make night photography with a compact camera or a pro camera, she will let you know how simple it can be.


And when you feel more comfortable with night photography, you know that what Nalinki Available Light Challenge can do with zoom effects and light, is something you can dare to try too! She let’s you know how you can do it and shares stunning photos.

Nikon D7000,F/32, 4sec, ISO100
Nikon D7000,F/32, 4sec, ISO100

Desley’s step by step post processing of photos is something you don’t want to miss out. Go and check her Image Reboot Challenge to learn how she made this sublime photo transformation!


Thank you everyone for these fabulous entries this week!

If you didn’t see your photos here, apologies. I used all links to my blog or to InLinkz. Make sure to add them there next time and let me know if it didn’t work. 

You can visit all other photos of all patients here: Photo Rehab 



Time: The Clinic is open 24 x 7

Camera: You can use any camera, from DSLR, mirrorless, compact, to smartphones.

Theme: Bring your creativity and photograph a theme of your liking in B&W or Color. With or without edition. We like learning techniques as well, if you want to share it with everyone.

Who can join: Anyone can join. All you need is passion. Passion to speak up through images – or words, if you may want to add your thoughts to it as well – showing what you see and how much that is important to you.

You can do a self-examination. If you detect any of the following symptoms, as carefully described by Albert from the blog Trigger Happy, come and join us: “Withdrawal symptoms may include the incessant need to carry your camera everywhere with you, the need to wake up in the wee hours to take photos during the golden hour, and checking up on others you met during the course to see what their newfound knowledge has brought fruit to.”

How does it work:

  1. Shoot a photo.
  2. Prepare your post and publish it. Remember to add a link/Pingback to or any of my posts and to use the tag #PhotoRehab or #Photo101Rehab, so that we can find your post in the WP reader.
  3. Alternatively you can also add your photo to the link provided below. In this way, you expose your photo to the other participants and to the overall audience of the Photo Rehab. This is the best way for your photos to be seen. 
  4. Here is the link to add your photos. Knock the wall of the Clinic… and click on the image below:

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

58 thoughts on “Week 33: Wrap up Photo101 Rehab

  1. Beautiful Wrap Up Lucile…some amazing snapshots:) you wouldn’t believe it but I was just looking at the #photo rehab posts on the Reader:))))))))


      1. I’ve been having some issues with tags and link backs, not sure what’s wrong…someone told me as well they can’t see my posts in the Reader:(….who knows, it’s just one of those days:))))
        Take care,


        1. You’re not alone! I have so many issues with links! That’s why now I check and recheck before posting the wrap up to not offend anyone. However if people don’t link and just use the tag and don’t link, counting that I will read all posts in the reader, it’s indeed much more work for me and I feel lees guilty! Lol

          Liked by 1 person

              1. Lol:))))) that is so funny and crazy at the same time! May I say that the link you’ve posted to my blog in the wrap up, I didn’t receive any notification about it as I usually do …and this is happening to me with others, I link back, they do not receive any notification about it and so on….it’s not just the tags, bloggers and God knows what else, WordPress is playing up as well….
                Ohhhhh could we be more sad than this?:) lol


                1. No! I am on the floor crying! Lol almost!
                  This is not fun anymore! Why don’t they fix this ancient issue?
                  I spent my afternoon doing this and it doesn’t even link to the blogs? It’s so upsetting!
                  Thanks for the alert. I’m going to talk to WP about that tomorrow.
                  Let’s laugh about that as well because it’s Sunday!

                  Liked by 1 person

    1. How wonderful, Susan! Congratulations and many happy returns! It’s a great pleasure to have your photos in the Photo Rehab. It’s in fact a great gift to me.
      My best wishes for a happy and healthy life!


    1. So was I! It wax the longest wrap up so far, also because of the time spent searching for links and finding only tags, but it was worth it. I’d love though if everyone used the links as an option as making a post big like that would take less hours than it did today.


  2. Wow! Just coming from the dusty streets of Cairo where the predominant colour is brown, these pictures and their vibrancy just popped off my computer. Almost shockingly so… I have a new appreciation for beautiful photography thanks to all your hard work.


    1. How wonderful to hear from you!! Made me happy! How’s the new life developing? Hope all is going well!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the work of these talented photographers. I love them all! Your appreciation makes the hard work worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All is going well as we move onto finishing our 3rd day here. We have a flat that is furnished and are running small errands daily as the heat wave in Egypt is really something! Late at night, we are still sweating as we walk outside. The AC inside is really a life saver. Wish we had your photography talent as we took pics of the Nile tonight and did it little justice. Oh well.. we will leave the best shots to pros like yourself!!


        1. Good to hear that! I cannot imagine how hot it might be but won’t complain anymore about the drop in temperature since yesterday in Amsterdam.
          Keep inside as far as possible, but I guess it’s not always possible as there is so much to be done and you also want to explore the city.
          In time you will get used to it.
          I’m just an amateur and so are many of us, so don’t doubt your eyes sensibility and shoot without fear! You can do it too.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Thanks Lucile. We have been keeping inside mostly as it is at the point where it is dangerous to be outside for too long. A 10 min walk leaves us breathless from the heat and almost loopy! We will hold off on independent sightseeing until later. Right now we have an AC school bus to take us places so that works well for the moment!


  3. Each week seems to grow exponentially from the last. An amazing wrap up again this week, I know this took a lot of work and you have my heartfelt thanks for setting up the clinic in the first place but also for being so good with the wrap up. It’s one thing to just show the photos that people have submitted but quite another to write such kind words about each blogger’s post as well.
    My Queen (bows) x


    1. It’s really growing, you’re so right. You don’t need to thank me DJ and partner in crime. You’re an outstanding patient and also the image reboot scientist-in-chief of the clinic, so you’re making this happen and I’m grateful to you too.
      Thanks for the lovely comment. I do love doing this, despite the glitches, the Sherlock Holmes search fir links work. It’s what I keep saying, blogging to me is about building connections, interacting, exchanging, learning and sharing, while we’re doing what we love, bring it writing or photographing, or both.
      Your servant (also bows)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the mention!! 🙂 I am so glad and grateful I found your blog. I really am a patient and thanks for accepting me at Photo Rehab. Wonderful pool of photos and photographers!


    1. Dear ex-friend Frances! What? Don’t you dare to not be my friend again. LOL. Your son is genius.
      I am so sorry it wasn’t there. However, the only photo I found, was on Inlinkz for the cover makeover and which we will include on the Thursday’s wrap up exclusive for the challenge. I added some yesterday from new participants, who hadn’t submitted at the time of the other wrap ups. But the Sunday wrap up is not for the cover makeover.
      If you linked other photo to my blog, I haven’t received the notification. And I haven’t found any tag on the reader from your posts.
      This is a common issue I am facing with WP. Links and pingbacks are not to be trusted.
      I am so sorry about that.
      Let me know which one it is and I include it next Sunday.
      Friends again?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Friends with or without the link. I have even made another cover of chocolate for Leslie @Swo8 but you can share in the fun! Don’t mind me…atleast I got a whole page of apology from you…smiling and shaking my body to some unsung song! ❤


        1. Thank you my dearest!
          I just saw the wrapper! What a beauty!
          But my lovely, although I apologized, it was not necessary as your photo belongs to the wrap up of the cover makeover and not of yesterdays’! So you got all love because you deserve it regardless!
          Keep smiling and singing!

          Liked by 1 person

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