Cityscape in Black and White

As the night falls, I am looking at Amsterdam in contrast with a cruise ship leaving the shore. I am also on a boat (smaller though), experimenting with night photography for another post coming up soon.

Movement is the enemy of sharpness…so just look at the waves and make your conclusions…



I am linking to Paula’s Black and White Sunday: Cityscape. Which one do you prefer?

And these photos go also to the Photo Rehab. 

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21 thoughts on “Cityscape in Black and White

  1. ‘hehehe’ – one of the most colorful cities of Europe (in several ways) in black’n white – very well done – but please promise me, don’t make the Vincent van Gogh museum black’n white – I would miss all his ‘mad’ colors, been my favorite painter since I was a very young teenager and visited the museum for the first time… 😀


  2. Hi Lucile! I love all these ship pics and they’re even more dramatic in black & white…Wow, that is a big ship and kudos to you for snapping these pics while being in a moving boat yourself! While all these pics are great, the second one is intriguing because it gives the action of the ship leaving the port…or perhaps arriving? I like the angle…looks like it is directly coming towards the viewer!
    Hope all is well with you…I’ve been on a break from work and it’s been so nice to be home…I’m back to work on Wednesday so vaca is over…Oh well!
    All my very best and much love from NYC,


  3. Really enjoyed them both. I just love the textures of the gauzy sky and the irritable water, and the crisp dappled patterns of the lights punching through the murkiness of twilight…I can just hear the water, the movement of the boat, the city groan and feel the weight of the damp air on my skin…and I really love that gasp of smoke! Jubilant cheers to you,

    Autumn Jade


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