Playing with the Blue Moon

I had not thought about shooting the Blue Moon because my one and only attempt to shoot the full moon in the past wasn’t very successful. I told myself that I would learn more and try again, but I let it go.

Seeing the post on the Blue Moon from Deborah Druckker at Notes Tied on the Sagebrush, made me want to learn how to do it.

As I had planned to experiment with zoom in light following Nalinki’s Available Light tips, I set out to do both. I made some moon photos but wasn’t planning to post, as the shots were not yet sharp. Well, I was shooting from a moving boat. Well, that is a long story for another day….

In the following day I went out for another try, now on shore, and with a tripod. It was a slightly better session. I after trying different shutter speeds and aperture, and making many mistakes, I found out what I should do to get a sharper moon.

When I saw the post Rare, Full and Blue from Fimnora Westcaw at Quantum Hermit, I liked her photo very much. After our talks I decided to share my learning shots.

I used my Olympus E-M10 and two lenses: 45mm (90mm) and 60 mm (120mm).  In each photo’s caption you will find the setting for each one. You can click to enlarge the photos.

Here are the first day shots made from the boat.

And here the second day shots.

I am posting for the Photo Rehab as well. Go and check our community of talented photographers or just appreciate the photos.

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24 thoughts on “Playing with the Blue Moon

  1. Lucile, the challenge with your posts is finding the words so, as I am lost for words, here’s a dark little ditty which seems apposite for both your post and dark side thursday


  2. Thanks for the mention Lucile. I like your photos even if they are from a moving boat. The moon is very bright in many of the shots. I like the one with windmill in it. I bet that would be spectacular if the moon was bigger. There is one of the smaller photos that has a line of clouds at the bottom of the moon that looks very nice.


  3. Oh Lucile! All of your shots are beautiful! The one by herself, with such clarity is gorgeous. Still, I love the scenes, which play beneath her glorious light! How in several, she is that ‘ghostly galleon tossed upon somewhat cloudy seas.’ Thank you for posting!


  4. Lovely shots of the moon, Lucile. Once in a blue moon? 🙂 I especially love the photo of the windmill in the background, which to me is typically Dutch, and the way that the moon is reflected on the water. The flow and movement is so visible


  5. Love all the pictures you’ll show. Perhaps some hit the edit room floor for digital work and other work is for a select group of friends. I am good at feeding the edit room floor. Took blood moon shots, they did not come out anywhere as successfully as yours. I did not use a tripod, and the sky really told me how vast it is when I searched for the moon. Finally found it, but it could not be much enlarged.


    1. Hi. Thank you for your comment and apologies for my delayed reply. I’ve been a bit absent from blogging, lately.
      It’s not very easy to shoot the moon and you’ve been very kind, as I’m far from having really learnt how to shoot the moon (well).
      Many thanks again!


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